PUBG revealed a new gun M762, adding a super toxic motorcycle to the game

PUBG is witnessing a series of new content launched throughout the recent Updates. From adding QBU and new vehicles to Sanhok to tweaking the Gameplay system, PUBG seems to be going strong. However, the development team is still asserting that they do not want to stop when they have surprised the PUBG gaming community with Update 1.0 Patch #20.

Accordingly, this Update focuses on adding new weapons and vehicles, along with implementing the “Fix PUBG” route as well as modifying the operating mechanism of the third-person perspective. However, to get started, let’s go straight to the most notable content of this Update.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Yes, PUBG’s newest weapon as well as AKM’s promising rival is the Beryl M762 – a gun with a modernized design from the classic AK version. As the name suggests, the M762 uses 7.62mm bullets similar to the AKM, but in terms of damage, it is somewhat weaker. But it is also because the M762 has a weaker HP that it can fire at a faster rate, allowing higher damage over time than AKM. As an AR-class weapon, the M762 has a standard magazine of 30 rounds and 40 rounds when adding an Extended Mag.

But perhaps the factor that makes the M762 more attractive in the eyes of gamers is the ability to install comprehensive accessories. In addition to the Scope and the barrel, the M762 can also integrate the grip (Grip) and opens up a lot of different options in controlling the recoil of the gun.

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At the same time, gamers can also put their hands on Scooter – the motorcycle that replaces the old version on Map Sanhok. Compared to the previous model, the Scooter has a lower speed but offers similar durability. This promises to become an extremely romantic vehicle for “couples” who like to run together.

Regarding the Gameplay system, PUBG made many tweaks in the operation mechanism of the 3rd person perspective. Accordingly, the game will automatically remember the screen rotation to the left and right shoulder of the character. This helps gamers do not have to hold the button in many cases where they need to be observed. In addition, you can also manually adjust the angle of return to the left or right in the Settings section.


Another interesting addition that this Update makes is the “highlight” of weapons and equipment on the ground. This helps gamers not to miss any weapons on the ground. The anti-Report system is also greatly improved when gamers will be notified of the results of their Report object. At the same time, you can also Report your own teammates in the Team Management screen if you find a mistake.

Currently, Update #20 is available on PUBG’s Test Server and promises to be on the official Server shortly after. All information about PUBG will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible. Readers can join the PUBG/PUBG Mobile community to receive the latest information:

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