Chien Quoc Chi, NetEase’s cilent game released in English

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As a game with the theme of Quoc Chien in the context of the Three Kingdoms period, many players must have been familiar with the scene of a cilent game, with colors that are not as eye-catching as the first half games, but applied Using 3D graphics, objectively speaking, the look of the game is quite sharp.


The game includes 4 basic career systems such as Breaking Quan, Mo Quan, To Tam and Quy Coc, each occupation has a clear fighting role, besides the game also has countries for players to choose from such as Qin , Qi and Department. Although the game is Quoc Chien, the game still requires players to pay attention to their characters and help them become stronger. To level up, players will go on missions and combine external activities, the game’s missions are quite diverse, not just around meeting NPCs and fighting monsters. Not only that, the game also takes place attractive PvP activities in the direction of free fighting.


After a testing process last year, the game has received a lot of love and shows that the developer NetEase has never let players down. On May 17, the game was available on both Android and iOS platforms, and on May 24, the game was released internationally, which will give the game a chance to reach more players. , because with many Chinese role-playing games because there are only Chinese versions, it is very limited because of language differences. You can download games at the link below

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