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Rules of Survival will have a new map of up to 300 players

On January 31st, the big update Rule of Survival 2.0 will be officially released, bringing a lot of new features, as well as attractive editing and additions. Typically, the appearance of a new map with 300 people joining the battle makes Rules Of Survival become a survival game with the largest number of people today.

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The number of 120 players as of now is already terrible, increasing to 300 people, making the game even more difficult. This awesome map will update on both your phone and your computer. New map details have something interesting invite you to follow the article below:

Rule of Survival

Rules Of Survival Soon there will be a 300-player battle map

The new map in the Rules of Survival 2.0 update called Swamp, allowing 300 people to join the battle makes the battle for survival even more dramatic. With a very large 8×8 km ratio, it is enough for the gunmen to freely show their bravery. The main areas in the Marsh map:

Rule of Survival

  • Concert area: In the middle of an island, a very beautiful concert area appears, increasing the appeal of this survival game.
  • Flower field area: With all the colors of flowers and beautiful windmills.
  • Site area: An abandoned mine, with excavators, trucks carrying remaining soil, and construction sites.
  • Factory area: A new factory will also appear for players to find good weapons and equipment in this location.
  • Swamp and volcanic areas: You will be exposed to areas filled with water, swamps, and abandoned volcanic sites.

Flower field

Not stopping there, this new update also brings extreme equipment, unique and strange skins. New skins include new masks, clothes, backpacks, and character umbrellas.

Let’s look forward to this new update!

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