LoL: Guide to play Sett support – extreme gameplay and powerful


With the nerf in recent updates, Sett almost disappeared from the top lane. However, pro gamers quickly realized that when using this champion in the bot lane support position will be very powerful and versatile. Let’s learn how to play this interesting support Sett through the article below.


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Guide to play Sett support – extreme gameplay and powerful in League of Legends

Why choose Sett support

Sett’s win rate was very high from the moment this general debut proved his power. The advantages can be mentioned:

  • The champion is extremely strong, has higher base damage than other tanky support champions.
  • Versatility is not much inferior to the ability to accelerate – close, capture.
  • W is extremely annoying with the enormous amount of armor created.
  • It doesn’t take much equipment to take full advantage of this general’s effects.
  • Allows the team to clear turrets early.

Sett’s weakest point of support is probably the ability to fight hand-in-hand, and lose compared to some other support champions.

Settlements table supported

  • Pure tank jade table: Sett support will tend to withstand with super-class jewels. With this jewel board, Sett will be even more buffalo and strong enough to shield any AD.
Table jade Amphibians for Sett
Table jade Amphibians for Sett
  • Multipurpose jade table: To increase the versatility of Sett, we can use the main gem table Inspired with super jewel is Universal stone. With this jewel, the opponent will be very surprised and unpredictable of Sett’s ability. At the same time, still retains a decent amount of resistance coming from the side branches Consistently.
Multipurpose jade table
Multipurpose jade table

How to play and gear up

  • Swap moves continuously, especially when in shock. With the ability W: Frightening beast, Sett has almost no need to fear any enemy and is capable of crushing the lane very early with his friend.
  • When participating in teamfights, prioritize protecting your team’s AD, not getting too deep. The last move should be spent to save AD from the dangers of assassins, gladiators …

The equipment for Sett is diverse, but the first priority item is still Martyrs armor. Priority comes first as it both provides extremely strong speed, health, armor, and slow effects. After that, depending on the situation, you can build magic resist, armor … other items.

I wish you success with Sett in a position of support!

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