Rules of Survival update 12/19, open Christmas activity

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The version of Rules Of Survival, released on December 19, updates with very interesting Christmas content, many gifts about Christmas this year, gamers will easily receive in the game Rules of Survival and unlimited quantity. can immediately download the new version and experience the most attractive things.

Updated version of Rules of Survival officially launched on December 19 to prepare for the most exciting Christmas celebration at the end of this year. You will also feel the optimizations and minimize errors in the game for a smooth experience.

you have the rules of survival 19 12 months old

Download the game Rules of Survival officially updated to the new version on December 19

If you have not installed the Rules of Survival game, download it according to the platforms below:

– Download Rules of Survival for Android
– Download Rules of Survival for iPhone

1. Maintenance time

Maintenance time: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on December 19, 2018
Note: Maintenance intervals may be longer than expected.

Highlights in the Rules of Survival update 12/19

2. New content

– Open Christmas activity. Period 19/12/2018 – 2/1/2019 (before maintenance)
– Collect Christmas balls in the match and hang on the Christmas tree in the lobby to get rewards.
– Notice the Christmas eggs that often appear in the lobby interface
– Limited fashion, weapons and backpacks will be sold during the activity period.
– Join the Christmas mini-game H5, receive a Christmas bonus voucher to participate in the big prize draw.
– New version graphics will retest the Asian Ghilie Island server ranking mode (mobile version).

You can cap the rules of survival 19 12 live life 2

Download Rules of Survival – RPG shooting game on PC, Android, iPhone

3. Optimize the experience

– Adjusted the Sniper gun: increased the damage of limbs and distance of the Sniper machine gun, AS VA – increased the damage of bullets.
– Rifle adjustment: reduced recoil of Rifle QBZ.
– Adjusted the world chat channel CD, increased the low level warrior’s speech CD, the Bronze level’s spoke CD is 60s, the Silver level is 30s, but other ranks are not affected.
– Extended detection range of fixed area in autorun setting, warrior can easily drag move button to autorun icon.
– Added music playback feature in Ghillie Island prep area.
– Optimized battery capacity, reducing battery consumption when warriors are in the lobby
– Adapt configuration Huawei 8X, Oppo A7X
– Slight adjustment of new version map vision.
– Optimized the display of the car’s buttons and adjusted the range to get on the car, now you need to go to the car to be able to get on the car.

4. Interface optimization

– Backpack skin display feature: in the fashion interface, the warrior can choose the backpack skin to display, the backpack skin will be displayed in the lobby and preparation area. Only 1 backpack skin can be selected at a time to display.
– Added a new tutorial in the lobby for new warriors, instructions to hide the “Start” button.

5. Bug fixes

– Fixed a bug where some players didn’t receive rewards after updating new packs
– Fixed a bug where some weapons could hit enemies in the back
– Fixed Ice Dragon kill effect color bug
– Fixed a bug where some warriors were splashed when clicking on the Turbo backpack in the inventory.

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