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Games of the Battle Royale genre have become a craze in recent years, a trend popularized by PUBG Mobile, then Fortnite and Apex Legends. RPG game Call Of Duty also wants to join this race with a similar game called Call of Duty Mobile, a game with beautiful graphics developed for fans on the mobile version.

Call of Duty Mobile has finally started rolling out to gamers who pre-registered on the Google Playstore, but many have missed the opportunity. Fear not, follow our below steps, this is how you can get Call Of Duty Mobile on your mobile device.

call of duty mobile call of duty mobile

The installation is a bit more complicated than just installing the APK. So we recommend that you follow the steps of this guide very carefully or you will have to repeat the process again.

Instructions on how to download Call of Duty Mobile

1. Tools needed

– VPN application specializes in fake IP to India: There are many applications you can choose from such as TunnelBear, VNP, Hotspot Shield… but Taimienphi chooses TunnelBearthe VPN app can switch to many other countries at no cost, runs stably on any phone.
+ Download TunnelBear for Android here: TunnelBear for Android
+ Download TunnelBear for iOS here: TunnelBear for iPhone

2. For Android devices

Step 1: Download and install fake IP VPN application TunnelBear on Android devices follow the link above.

Step 2: Download the APK and Data installation file of the Call of Duty Mobile game.
– Download files APK Call of Duty Mobile game here: Call of Duty Mobile APK
– Download files Data of the game, about 1.4GB in size here: Call of Duty Mobile Data

After downloading the 2 files above, install the APK file (Note: do not open the game after the installation is complete, so exit immediately).

Step 3: Using your File Manager, go to internal storage /Android /OBB. OBBs are additional application resources available in the computer.

Step 4: In folder OBBcreate a new folder named ‘com.activision.callofduty.shooter‘. We recommend that you copy and paste the folder name to avoid any problems later.

Step 5: Locate the Call of Duty Mobile OBB file you downloaded above, and it should be called “”” – about 1.4GB in size. Move files Data to the new folder you created in the step above.

Step 6: Now you exit all applications related to the game Call of Duty Mobile, open the VPN application TunnelBear and fake IP to India (India), the country currently supporting the game.

Step 7: Back to the main screen on your phone, you can now directly tap on the Call of Duty Mobile game and log in with your Guest account to play.

Note : For users trying to install the game from countries other than India, you will have to use a VPN and route the server through India as the game is currently supported.

call of duty mobile 2

3. For iOS devices

Currently Call of Duty Mobile iOS devices are not supported yetwe will soon update how to download and play on iOS to gamers as soon as possible, remember to follow the article

This game is developed by Tencent, the same country that developed PUBG Mobile, so you will notice a lot of similarities between the games. Call of Duty Mobile is still basically in beta and you will notice errors caused by server issues, they will be resolved as soon as possible.

Above are the steps to guide you how to download and install the game Call of Duty Mobile without having to register first, the game is a combination and inheritance from the best maps, characters, weapons, and equipment. so far in the PC versions of Call of Duty bringing them together.
In the game you can move freely with a variety of weapon systems and character classes. The official launch time of Call of Duty Mobile has not been announced by Tencent yet, but it is likely to start after this limited test. The game is still in the testing process, so there are many bugs that should be noted.

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