The best gun locations in Rules of Survival

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Any angle can lead to death in shooter survival games like Rules Of Survival. So if you are not properly armed to take down your opponent, your opponent will instead take you down quickly. So in this article, will suggest you the best gun locations in Rules of Survival.

A small note here are the locations where has found guns during the game. However, the locations to find guns can vary for each different player, but anyway these locations have proven to be the best gun locations in Rules of Survival.

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The best gun locations in Rules of Survival

One of the advantages in Rules of Survival is that it is not difficult for players to find the weapon to use to defeat the opponent. However, in order to find good guns and to be best equipped to deal with enemy fire, you will have to know some of the best places to start your search.

By referring to some suggestions for the best gun locations in Rules Of Survival below, you will soon find yourself the best guns for you to defeat your opponents.

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1. Bitter Lake

As the largest area on the map with many buildings to hide for players to avoid enemies, Bitter Lake occupies most of the center of the map in Rules of Survival. In addition, this is also an area where players can easily find SMGs and Assault Rifles to fight. Land as quickly as possible to find weapons and start taking down your opponents.

2. Training Base

This area, located just northeast of Bitter Lake, is also one of the best gun locations in Rule of Survival. Players can also easily find a car in this area.

The biggest problem was that the area was close to Bitter Lake, but in fact quite a few players visited this place. If you want a chance to own the best weapons and guns to take down your opponents, Training Base is one of the ideal places to start.

3. Rust Bay

The best location to find guns in the last Rules of Survival that wants to suggest to you is Rust Bay. This area has proven to be the best area, although it has quite a few weapons as well as protective gear such as helmets and backpacks. Reality proves that this area is less popular with players. Just watch your angle carefully to get the weapon as soon as possible or else you will be defeated by your opponent first.
In Rules of Survival you can search for weapons in many different areas. However, the best gun locations in Rules of Survival that introduced above have proven to be the best positions. In addition, if you do not know the weapons in the game Rules Of Survival, readers can refer to the article List of weapons in the game Rules Of Survival of for more details.

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