Tips for playing Doggo Go to pass the level for newbies

Doggo Go – An intellectual game that is highly appreciated for its difficulty level when passing the screen, it is predicted that only about 1% of players can successfully overcome the challenge at first experience. So if you are intending to conquer all levels of Doggo Go, knowing how to play Doggo Go is very important.

When playing games of the intellectual and puzzle genre like Doggo Go, it is not enough to know the rules of the game thoroughly, you need to know how to take advantage of the Doggo Go tips and apply them thoroughly to be able to break all of them. all the difficult levels of Doggo Go.

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Tips for playing Doggo Go for newbies

Tips to play Doggo Go pass the level, conquer all levels

1. Match smart tiles

When stacking tiles in the tray you need to consider, prioritize the selection of cells that overlap many of the images below to unlock as many boxes as possible, the more similar tiles you appear, the easier it will be to pass the level.

2. Make the most of help

Doggo Go supports the player with 4 help rights: remove 3 tiles from the tray, undo 1 previous move, randomize the shape and add 1 tile to the tray. If you are in a difficult position and have not found a suitable move, you can use 1 of the 4 above help to pass the level.

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3. Watch ads

If the tile is full for the first time, Doggo Go allows the player to respawn and remove 3 tiles from the tray if you watch an ad. You can make the most of this to clear the game.

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For the first level you probably won’t need any help permissions. But from level 2 onwards if you just play the game and don’t apply the Doggo Go trick, it will be quite difficult to pass the screen. So make the most of the above tips to conquer all levels of Doggo Go. Do not forget download and play Doggo Go on PC to increase the feeling of the game experience.

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