ROS updated on March 13, 2019, adjusting map supply

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The Rules of Survival game continues to have a number of new updates, in this updated version on March 13, the content focuses on correcting some bugs and optimizing the product, giving players new experiences. better experience.

Join the experience of the new updated version of Rules of Survival on March 13 to discover interesting things and more exciting new features.

What are you doing at ros 13 3?

Download Rules of Survival – The latest updated version on March 13 has a lot of interesting content

– Link to download Android version: Rules of Survival for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone

1. Rules of Survival game maintenance time

Maintenance time: 5:00 o’clock arrive 8:00 a.m. on March 13, 2019
Attention: The maintenance interval may be longer than originally planned.

2. New updates in Rules of Survival 13/3

A) Optimize the experience

– Adjusted map supply: In Ghillie Island and Brave Bay maps, the number of Rocket RPGs is reduced, the number of Hearing Boxes is unchanged.
– Adjusted the content of the Hearing Barrel: Increases 3 types of Hearing Bins with Gatling M134, reduces the ratio of the Grenade Launcher, and also reduces the number of Cannon Ammo in the Grenade Launcher.
– Optimized description of teaching Super Power War.
– Optimized animations in the Monthly Resupply interface.

B) Optimize the interface

– Simple lobby content: Small Offers, Monthly/Weekly Cards, Specials, and Weekly Offers are unified in the Store-Recharge section.
– Unified entrance to Supply: GP Resupply will be removed from the Shop interface.
– Change the position of the Data button: The left and right Data button in the Lobby interface will be moved to the upper position of the Lobby interface.

C) Fixed some bugs

– Fix bug in normal mode explosives do not deal damage to allies.
– Fix image display error in some OPPO R15 devices.
– Fix the bug that the Anti-Tank Cannon could not hit the target many times.
– Fix bug that can’t receive Alien Bonus Letters.
– Fix bug in some cases, change the viewing angle in the game is abnormal.
– Fix Xe-Chanllenger skin wheel bug

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