How to install and use Game Fire

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Game Fire is one of the indispensable tools if you are a true gamer but are limited by the configuration with the computer, so how to use Game Fire to make the most of it?

If you do not have a great computer configuration, then use Game Fire is the optimal solution to help players have the best game experience. Game Fire is not something that makes your device suddenly stronger, but it basically relies on your computer’s configuration, on the computer you’re running on, and optimizes as much as possible, eliminating redundant tasks.

how to use fire game

How to use Game Fire

Game Fire User Guide

Step 1: To use Game Fire, your computer must have this software first. Click download Game Fire here.

Step 2: After downloading Game Fire we click install, in the welcome interface we click next.

how to use fire 2 game

Step 3: Agree to the terms contained in Game Fire and continue to install.

how to use fire 3 game

Step 4: Select the category for Game Fire, if you don’t want to change the location, just click next to continue.

how to use fire 4 game

Step 5: To the last stage we just need to click install to install and then be able to use Game Fire right away.

how to use fire 5 game

Step 6: Until the announcement Completing the Game Fire ie Game Fire has been installed, now we just need to click Finish to proceed to use Game Fire.

how to use fire 6 game

Step 7: When we open Game Fire, we will activate it before using Game Fire. You just need to press OK to activate Activation of Game Fire.

how to use fire 7 game

Step 8: Here the Game Fire system will automatically filter the games you have on your device or you can also add them yourself.

how to use fire 8 game

Step 9: To use Game Fire you just need to tap Turn on Game Mode, here the software will list and let you choose a lot of applications you want to close to save resources when playing games.

how to use fire 9 game

Game Fire will take some time to activate Game Mode.

how to use fire 10 game

Step 10: After Game Mode is activated, the system will list you all the components that have been removed and effective when using Game Fire.

how to use fire 11 game

Step 11: To turn off and not use Game Fire anymore, users just need to click on Turn off Game mode.

how to use fire 12 game
Above are all instructions on how to use Game Fire, Game Fire is very simple to use but brings great benefits to game players. And Game Fire is not the only software that helps you optimize when playing games. However, using Game Fire or any other software to speed up the game will only partially help, and if you encounter the game too much with your configuration, speeding up the game doesn’t make any sense.

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