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Information Tan Thien Long Code gives players the necessary items in the game Tan Thien Long released by VNG, the following article will guide you how to get the Tan Thien Long Mobile game code.

On the occasion of its launch on March 13, 2019, Tan Thien Long Mobile game has brought players great Giftcode sets, attractive and valuable gifts, making the gamer’s experience better in the title. this fascinating game.

code tan Thien long

Code Tan Thien Long

– General Code: an7sty2p
– Code of Zen Martial Arts Shaolin: nstxybb5

How to get code for Tan Thien Long game

Method 1: Save your name to receive the code here

You access the link above and then click Save on the game’s banner

code tan Thien long 2

Then fill in your personal information and then click OK, the registration process will be successful if you fill in all the information correctly, the code will be sent to your email or phone number registered in the above step.

Rewards for each sign-up milestone

– The milestone of 20,000 Huynh Ty registered:
50 primordial treasures + 10 elite enhanced assassins + 1 fashion box

– Milestone of 50,000 Huynh Ty registered:
100 Key Treasures +100,000 Coins + 10 Single Purification

– The milestone of 100,000 Huynh Ty registered:
200 key treasures + 5 single cores + 1 gem chest

Method 2: Join activities in the game’s Fanpage here

Players access the Fanpage forum of the game Tan Thien Long, fully participate in the activities of the game board, follow the instructions to receive the rewards of the organizers in the form of the game’s Giftcode. , the reward will be awarded when the event period ends.

Method 3: Participate in events and events in Tan Thien Long Group here

The events or events that take place in the Group also have valuable rewards and gifts for players. Actively participating you will receive Game Codes, gifts are only distributed to those who follow the instructions or are active in the group.

Method 4: Visit game news sites, online newspapers like 2game, gamek, gamehub … follow the instructions Like and share their articles in public mode on social networks, the reward you will receive will be Valuable Codes for beginners when participating in the Tan Thien Long game experience.

Download Tan Thien Long game on iOS and Android devices

– Download Tan Thien Long for Android
– Download Tan Thien Long for iPhone

Above are some instructions on how to get Tan Thien Long Game Code. If you are a person who likes to play mobile games on your computer, playing Tan Thien Long on your computer via Bluestacks will help you a lot, giving you a smoother and more convenient experience.

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