ROS update 6/11, appeared 5 exclusive characters KOF period 3

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At the beginning of November, the survival game Rules Of Survival officially updated to the new version with the appearance of 5 exclusive King of Fighters characters, each of which has a unique skin for the KOF event. Brand new season 3.

KOF period 2 officially ended, that’s when KOF period 3 appeared, bringing a lot of activities to help Rules Of Survival players add to their collection of weapons, gun skins and extremely valuable items, Not only that, NPH also fixed some bugs to make the game more interesting.

ros update 6 11 show 5 names and not ky 3

Beginning of KOF period 3

Time to conduct ROS update on 11/6

Maintenance may take longer than originally planned
– Maintenance time from 05:00 – 08:00 on November 6, 2019
While updating the new version, players cannot log in to Rules of Survival, because you have to wait for the update process to complete.

ROS 6/11 update content

1. New content.

– Open KOF activity period 3 (ROS x KOF activities will end on 11/20).
+ Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya Android Terry Bogard will return with exclusive KOF inventory, 5 super hot characters gathered to debut.
+ Open exclusive daily login bonus KOF period 3.
+ Open the 3rd KOF manual, unlock can get gun skins and limited items related to Iori Yagami.
Note: KOF operations are only open in Southeast Asia, North America.
– Bouncing Bot added to ranked mode.
+ This week’s ranked mode will provide a small amount of favorite Air Combat props.
+ Only open the basic jumping feature of Bouncing Bouncing, the dash feature will be temporarily closed.

2. Fix bugs.

– Fix bug in livestream interface, platform icon will disappear.
– Fix the bug where the full-screen Twin Knife Resupply preview was displayed abnormally,
– Fix the bug where the world channel chat quest could not be completed in the Beginners Training Camp.
– Fix bug that using Fire Dragon paraglider could effectively see bracelet.
– Fix the bug that after equipping the skin with the same flight, it could not fly with the plane.

Not less than Rules of Survival, the survival game PUBG Mobile has the number of players participating every day up to several millions of people, the PUBG Mobile shooter is constantly being updated and launching new events every week, ensuring the success of the game. The experience is not boring.

Rules of Survival game download link
Do not hesitate, do not hesitate, download and install Rules of Survival now to join the battle of the iconic King of Fighters characters.
– Link to download Android version: Rules of Survival for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone
– Link to download PC version: Rules of Survival

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