Instructions to change Call of Duty Mobile’s avatar

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With a fully featured shooting experience, Call of Duty Mobile is on the palm of your hand, it has all the features and systems of a traditional Call of Duty game, including all the personal options. such as changing avatars, changing personal information in the game.

It’s very simple, to change the Call of Duty Mobile avatar, you just need to follow the steps below of Taimienphi. Change so that others can easily recognize you or express your own personality and interests.

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How to change avatar image of COD Mobile game

How to change avatar, avatar game Call of Duty Mobile

Step 1: At the main screen interface of the game Call of Duty Mobile you click on character profile appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

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Step 2: However, this screen has many tabs on it. Click second option The top of this screen looks like a piece of paper, with lists on it to go to character profiles.

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Step 3: In the tab Player Profile, you can see a lot of information displayed including your character name, Rank rank and your avatar image on it, click Avatar yours as shown below.

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Step 4: From here you can change your Avatar Call of Duty Mobile avatar to any of the ones included in Menu this, or change the avatar by clicking Avatar Frame. Select your profile picture and click Restore Default.

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Unlike avatars, players who want to change Avatar Frame must reach a certain level, unlock avatar frames to get them, or participate in events to own other exclusive Avatar Frames. Also you can Call of Duty Mobile character name change Right in the Player Profile tab, there is a free way to change the name by linking to Faceboo, the other way is to use ingame money to do it.

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– Link to download iOS version: Call of Duty Mobile for iPhone

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