How to get Free Call of Duty Mobile skin

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Call of Duty Mobile has a lot of the same features as other Consoles and PC shooters. That means Call of Duty Mobile has a lot of different weapon skins that players can get after unlocking by playing the game.

There are many different ways to own Free Call of Duty Mobile skins, some require you to spend money to buy Skins, others just require players to participate in activities, complete different challenges and missions in the game to get them for free

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Method to get free Call of Duty Mobile skins

How to get free Call of Duty Mobile skins

1. Log in daily to get Skins
If your goal is to get free Skins, you’ll want to take advantage of these login bonuses for rewards and rarity crates. You can get free Skins just by logging in to CODM everyday. Play any match and that will count towards your daily login. Full login, you will get the ultimate reward of new skins.

2. Complete the weekly challenge to get Skins
Make sure you’re completing Weekly Challenges to earn things like Crates (barrels or crates) and currency C. These crates can give you weapon skins and C currency (use in Shop to buy skins).

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3. Participate in weekly events that reward Skins
Go into the Events tab from the Main Menu and check out the different events you can participate in. Some reward Crates, others reward players after completing are free Call of Duty Mobile weapon, nade or parachute skins.

4. Level up the Battle Pass to get free skins
Battle Pass in Call of Duty Mobile has many levels. The Free section allows you to earn free skins after reaching each level, each stage. Just make sure you complete the Battle Pass challenges and have no problems leveling up, like the nade skin below.

free skin call of duty mobile 3

How to get Call of Duty Mobile Skins with money

1. Buy Skins from Shop
If you don’t want to waste time playing games and just want to buy skins, you can absolutely do that. Simply go to the Shop and buy Call of Duty Points. These points can then be used to purchase any skin you see in the store.

2. Use CP to buy crates
You can also purchase Call of Duty Points (CP) and use them to purchase themed Weapon Crates. There are now many carton packs for different denominations of CP. Each has a different type, depending on the skin you want, you can choose exactly that crate. Buy one by one or 10 cartons depending on your preference.

3. Buy Premium Battle Pass
Premium Battle Pass Call of Duty Mobile has a lot of rewards as skins, to own it you need to spend 2000 CP points, upgrade them to Premium Battle Pass. Players after leveling up will receive more valuable rewards, including skins of all kinds, crates, CP and many other items.

Hopefully with Taimienphi’s tutorial on how to get Free Call of Duty Mobile skin, it will help you better understand the mechanics, methods and tricks of receiving valuable rewards from NPH. Or you can Earn Credits Call of Duty Mobile, the most advanced premium currency used for in-game purchases or transactions.

Call of Duty Mobile game download link
Quickly download and install Call of Duty Mobile immediately, participate in activities, complete challenges to receive free Call of Duty Mobile skin.
– Link to download Android version: Call of Duty Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Call of Duty Mobile for iPhone

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