ROS update 15/4, launch new Outlaw character and Krazy 2.0 mode

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In the updated version of Rules Of Survival on April 15, 2020, the developers officially stopped providing some April Fools’ activities, Rotation … instead Krazy mode version 2.0 has been released. return.

After upgrading to version ROS update 15/4, Krazy game mode version 2.0 and a series of new content will appear again, promising to bring many interesting experiences with the best tactical shooter game on the planet.

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ROS update 15/4, launch new Outlaw character and Krazy 2.0 mode

Updated Rules Of Survival to play stably, without lag

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Rules of Survival update time April 15, 2020

– Starting from 05:00 to 08:00 days April 15, 2020, Rules of Survival maintenance update new version.
– Note: It is expected that the ROS upgrade process will be 3 hours or longer, gamers cannot log in while the maintenance process has not ended. Please pay attention.

Detailed content of the update of Rules of Survival 15/4

1. New Content

– End of April Fools activity
+ Stop opening April Fool’s Box during combat.
+ End of April Fools’ Zombie Killing activity.
+ At the end of the Roundabout activity, for the player who has the Charm but has not withdrawn the bonus, the reward will be deposited into the Warehouse.

– Krazy 2.0 mode:
+ Launching a completely new version. This version retains the original gameplay, plus a large number of redesigned attribute accessories, which will work together to give players an extremely diverse gun experience.

– Outlaw Hero Brand new officially launched, 1 week free to receive in Spring activity.

– Due to the fact that a large number of players have been unable to log into the game recently, but to ensure the best benefit and experience for all players, the end of the S12 season will be extended until April 28. .

2. Fix bug

– Adjust the balance of some functions
– Updated anti-hacking system.
– Fix bug where the Training Manual score dropped abnormally.
For those who are passionate about the survival game PUBG Mobile, they must be eagerly waiting for the new version, PUBG Mobile version 0.18.0 with many features to update new characters, new maps, battle system .. . and dozens of other changes. For the purpose of improving product quality, PUBG Mobile constantly improving itself and providing players with countless exciting experiences.

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