Ros Update 10/30, open Halloween activities and mystical items

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Last week, Rules Of Survival updated with more content with the appearance of 2 new characters, today, October 30, Ros continues to launch a Halloween event with extremely attractive themed items. , below is the information that appeared in the update.

At 05:00 – 08:00 on October 30, 2019, Rules of Survival update to the latest version, add more activities with a special Halloween theme, players can participate in mission events to receive many free rewards from NPH.

ros update 30 10 has a Halloween activity and good luck

Details of Update Rules of Survival 10/10

1. New Content

– Open Halloween activity.
+ Added mystical items Zombie Grenade and Pumpkin Grenade in matches.
+ The Halloween Night draw event is opened after players update to the new version. You can participate in activities to get free Bloodbath skins and theme items Halloween is different.

– Rules of Survival PC Launcher will officially launch in North America.
+ Just 1 button to update game and fix client.
+ Be the first to receive information related to Rules of Survival.

– Penawaran Bulanan, Shadow Hunter
+ Shadow Hunter shirt will absorb energy during battle. When taking damage, the mana line on the shirt will light up (No stacking effect).

– From 6/11, Bouncing Bot will appear in ranked mode.
+ To make it easier for everyone to adapt to this change, the probability of Bouncing Bot will be reduced, and only the basic jump feature, the ability to rush will be temporarily closed.

2. Fix bug

– Fix bug with Krazy mode battle.
– Fix the issue of Rocket Shoes displaying abnormally.
– Fix compatibility error with iphone 11.
– Fix crash in 5 player mode.
– Fix game lag bug.

ros update 30 10 has a Halloween event and a good fight 2

Above are the details that appeared in the latest update of Rules of Survival on October 30. A few days ago, PUBG Mobile Lite also upgraded, launching the Halloween event at version 0.14. 6 with 2 exclusive weapons, the M134 Minigun and the Flamethrower. PUBG Mobile Lite is a shortened version developed for low-end phone systems.

Rules of Survival game download link

To be able to participate in activities and events to receive free costumes in the survival game Rules of Survival, you can download and install the game according to the link below of Taimienphi. Wish you happy gaming.

– Link to download Android version: Rules of Survival for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone
– Link to download PC version: Rules of Survival

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