No longer a fantasy, Yu-gi-oh’s Magic card for summoning monsters in real life

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  1. No longer a fantasy in comics or movies, the Magic card in Yu-gi-oh was able to summon monsters directly in battle.

    With the fans King of GamesPicture Yugi Summon monsters with pieces magic post has been deeply imprinted in the minds of many generations. Once upon a time, when holding those cards in real life, we dreamed that one day the monsters in them could come to life and fight like what the legendary Manga shows.


    Now, that dream has come true in the tournament Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships do Konami held when the Japanese game giant equips the field with a series of advanced technology. There, the stage will be shown with a mini monster effect where the cards are laid down, fully demonstrating the effect that Yu-Gi-Oh fans used to love.


    But the main focus is on the terrorist image of the monsters standing behind the player with attack, defense and magic execution completely synchronized. That means that when one side attacks the other, the other side will receive the blow and react very vividly. Do not believe you can witness the super images of this tournament here:


    You can also watch the full tournament video here:


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