Romantic marriage proposal like the love language of PUBG gamer couple

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PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has now become a favorite game for people and families when only by the beginning of 2018, the Steam version has sold more than 30 million copies and has the highest number of concurrent players over 3 million. What makes PUBG became the most played game on Steam, while the Xbox One version sold over 4 million copies. The game is also localized and is Tencent Games released in China, including two different mobile versions specifically for this country. Gamers in the country of billions of people also call PUBG with the dear name is the game “Eat Chicken” (based on the saying: “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”). Since then, gamers in this country have become “infatuated”. PUBG and even often bring the game style to everyday life.


In the past, there have been many funny videos and images posted on Chinese websites such as: Gamers wearing PUBG uniforms to go to military training, the opening ceremony of a university sports festival, and the opening ceremony of a university sports festival. more skydiving or yearbook photos made in “PUBG style”… Following that “tradition”, recently a guy in China excelled when designing a bold love confession. matter PUBG for his girlfriend.

It is known that the couple got to know each other through PUBG, and it is also this game that has been successful for the young couple. Therefore, the guy decided to organize a proposal to his girlfriend in the style of a game that they both like. The guy prepared the props very carefully and meticulously with a box of balloons placed in the square and he covered his face in that box. He even asked his friends to wear the same outfits as in PUBG and pick up your girlfriend.

Finally, after sharing the words of love from the bottom of her heart, the girl accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. This is really a beautiful ending for the couple who have been together for a long time “shooting PUBG“. This is also the driving force that makes gamers PUBG The world has more faith that maybe they will find the other half of their life and have a happy ending like the beautiful love of a young couple in China.

Let’s watch the video clip of the romantic proposal like love language in style PUBG down here:

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