How to have a real ending in God of War?

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Every nook and cranny in the gaming industry is talking about God of War – The latest super product of the legendary game series on the Playstation 4. Immediately after its official release, God of War received sky-high praise with perfect scores from the most prestigious review sites in the world. gender. A new perspective, a different combat mechanic, a visual Kratos more seasoned and calm… gave the series God of War a memorable turning point.


However, despite the popularity and success of God of War, many people are still unaware of the true ending of this masterpiece. Accordingly, even after the end of the plot, God of War still has a final mark for Kratos’ journey.


There after you finish the entire main storyline, the game will give the player the freedom to explore the world around. From here gamers can complete small tasks that have never had the opportunity to do before. But this is also a condition for you to return to the old home when Kratos and Atreus forced to leave his shirt to begin his arduous journey. When you return to this old house, all you need to do is put the character back on the bed and fall asleep.


From here, the true ending of God of War will officially open, closing the wonderful journey of one of the super products of the virtual world 2018.

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