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Rise of Cultures is an attractive strategy game for Android and iOS, where you expand your empire through building many cities with different civilizations. To help you have a clearer view of the gameplay of this game, will conduct an assessment Rise of Cultures in the article below.

With strategy game Rise of CulturesYou will experience the development history of mankind with your own eyes. This game revolves around building a community and guiding it through many different eras. Rise of Cultures is the work of developer InnoGames – the “father” of Forge of Empires, another popular strategy game. The following Rise of Cultures review article will share’s first impressions of this game.

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Information about the game Rise of Cultures

Review Rise of Cultures

1. Build epic cities and thrive through the ages

We’ll start our Rise of Cultures review with gameplay. Rise of Cultures has fun and engaging gameplay. The game introduces you to simple mechanics and then lets you explore your surroundings to find out how things work, and basically your main task is to build communities and grow over time. Ages, are the times that man himself has gone through before coming to the 21st century such as Stone Age, Bronze Age, Minoan period, Ancient Greece, Early Rome, Roman Empire Code and more.

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With each era, you will unlock new possibilities and perform more tasks, all to ensure that the growth of your community never ends. To get there, one of the things you need to do is scout around and plan an attack to expand your territory. The missions are quite varied including finding areas to expand, keeping farms active, attacking sites, conducting research …

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Each era has a lot of research you need to do to be able to unlock better mechanisms and move on to the next.

2. Colorful graphics and easy controls

It can be said that the graphics, music and sound effects of Rise of Cultures are great enough to provide a compelling game experience. One of the interesting things that noticed is that the character’s voice seems to be influenced by each era. For example, in the Stone Age, when people still did not have the language to speak, the characters in the game would mutter to show their happiness.

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Rise of Cultures features a simple touch control mechanism and a very player-friendly interface, ensuring that no one will encounter any problems with it as they learn how the game works. During the game, had a complete experience without being bothered by advertising, which is a big plus point. Like most other games, Rise of Cultures also has a premium currency, gems, purchased with real money. Gems make gaming easier and let you speed things up. However, you do not have to pay to get the job done as you can earn gems in a number of different ways.

3. Conclusion

Overall, the game provides a pretty great experience with an interesting concept and the way to express that concept is also unique. However, one of the problems we encountered was that some things worked too fast while others were too slow. For example, the cultivation happens quite quickly and you need to do the work regularly, while the research points that collect are quite time consuming.

After a period of playing the game, will score Rise of Cultures as follows:

– Game mechanics: 9/10
– Graphics and music: 9/10
– Controls and UI: 9/10
– Free elements: 8/10

If you like this game genre, you can download Rise of Cultures here:

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With the idea of ​​growing through our own historical ages, Rise of Cultures is sure to bring something new for players to explore, and make it a game worth downloading and playing. experience.

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