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Special Insurgency Counter Operation – SICO now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for Android devices, a free multiplayer FPS shooter with all the features inherent to the Battle Royale series hitting the market.

After successful release FAUG, Indic Arena has developed and released a new modern mobile war game called Special Insurgency Counter Operation (SICO). Since the game is being developed by the Indian studio, there are a ton of Indian characters and locations appearing in the game. Currently SICO has opened pre-registration on Android with the release date yet to be announced.

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Special Insurgency Counter Operation- Game SICO shooting battle royale style on Mobile

Game Modes are available when SICO is released

Just like any other Battle Royale game, SICO is full of the features of a classic 100-player survival game. Typical game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Domination, Multiple Team DeathMatch and Gun Race will all appear in the SICO game.
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+ Pre-register SICO game for Android: Here
+ Pre-register SICO game for Android: (Post update)

Trailer Gameplay Special Insurgency Counter Operation

In addition, the first time appearing in mobile games, SICO will have a campaign Solo Player Campaign. Other famous games of the same genre today are like Call of Duty Mobile good Garena Free Fire There is no game mode in the game. So feel free to enter a solo campaign game where you are a special character (BOSS).

How to register the game sico
In addition, the developer has stated that the user can customize the graphics, set the functions that make the SICO gaming experience better, experience the real sound that is immersed in the game. Furthermore, a separate mode is named Spectator mode will be available to players, you can watch your friends engage in live FPS battles while you wait.

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