Game Sword Hiep Kim Dung H5 Thien Ha Ngu Tuyet gives 999 valuable Vipcode

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10 a.m. October 17, Thien Ha Five Great – the latest representative of the H5 series of cross-platform games officially launched. Optimized for webgame and mobile platforms, Thien Ha Ngu Tuyet helps players save time but still fully experience the essence of the turn-based RPG series. Especially right after logging in, gamers will be given VIP5, 10,000 gold and Duong Khang for free!


Just one click, gamers can play the game immediately at the link below:


In addition, Thien Ha Ngu Tuyet also gives readers the launch Vipcode gift, each code includes:​

  • 10*Advanced knitting – lu

  • 4* Stone skill – grace

  • 1* Magical Crystal

It is not natural that the game was dubbed “The masterpiece of Kim Dung 65 years of looking back”. Set in the context of swordplay, Thien Ha Ngu Tuyet opens a vast martial arts world, gathering hundreds of guests from all over the famous series of the late writer Kim Dung from both main and evil sects, even Even the beauties of pure jade that many people used to admire in the past.


In terms of gameplay, Thien Ha Ngu Tuyet converges all the quintessence of turn-based role-playing games such as: arena, guild war, marriage, peak PVP, PVE, inter-server Boss hunting, level-up monster training, party Teams, destiny, worshiping masters, challenging a series of copies of raw materials … In particular, gamers will be able to test themselves with many great masters defending Doc Co Thap – Nine Swords of Hell hundreds of thousands of dangers. risk.


Obviously a game that does not need to be installed, does not require configuration, saves time but brings the feeling of role-playing swordplay, gypsy, expert swordplay like Thien Ha Ngu Tuyet will be a choice. choose not to be missed this October.​

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