Revealed the first Miss Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile in history

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On the evening of October 13, the final Gala night was held at Vinpearl Nam Hoi An. This is the first Summit night of NPH VNG to show gratitude to customers. Besides, the contest organizers Miss Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile also announced the top 3 best contestants through the rounds:

Champion position – Nguyen Ngoc Bao Ha (SBD 03190)


The beauty from Ho Chi Minh City has an ingame character named Sl_Bach Xa, bang -Thien Menh-, server S106 Phong Kiem. This is also the girl who caused a storm on the VLTK Mobile fanpage because she was too cute with the clip “kidnapped” to participate in the contest until “defying tricks” to win the Champion.

She confided that she came to the contest at first just to have fun, but she was enthusiastically supported by the brothers in the guild as well as the server, so she was motivated to try harder. The number of roses Bao Ha received when going to the final round was 199,369 flowers, although not the highest, but it was the hidden charm and excellent performance through the final rounds that helped Bao Ha conquer the board of directors. difficult judge and crowned the highest position of the contest.


Winning the title of Champion of the contest, Nguyen Ngoc Bao Ha’s reward is 100 million dong in cash, the crown of Miss VLTK Mobile and a special reward package from sponsors. There are also valuable ingame items for the first beauty of VLTK Mobile.

1st Runner-up – Ha Thanh Ha (SBD 06215)


As one of the familiar faces from the early days of the VLTK Mobile community, Ha Thanh Ha, ingame name -Cao- from FullHouse state, S6-Truong Giang server cluster is one of the most favorite contestants. in the competition. The number of roses supporting this girl is up to 643,151 flowers. Contrary to the sweet look of the North’s daughter, she has a very personal and strong personality.


Participating in the contest, Ha Thanh Ha wants to prove that VLTK Mobile is not just for boys. The sisters can also play the game of swordplay, even playing as good as the men.


The prize for 1st runner-up includes VND 50 million in cash; 1st Runner-up crown and sponsors’ reward packages. Besides, the 1st runner-up will also receive valuable ingame items corresponding to their prize.

2nd Runner-up – Tran Bui Nhat Phuong (SBD 01319)


Unexpectedly, the first-year student from Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City Tran Bui Nhat Phuong, character name _-Min-_ belongs to the state -_Vo-polar-_ server S415 Van Dao also excellently participated in the top 3 highest positions of the Miss VLTKM contest. As the youngest contestant in the Top 10, a shy and timid Nhat Phuong brought a fresh breeze to the competition. Therefore, many people have wholeheartedly supported this girl with the number of flowers up to 433,885 flowers.


2nd runner-up will receive a reward of 20 million VND in cash; crown, 2nd runner-up cup; Sponsor rewards and ingame items.


At the same time, the Champion, 1st Runner-up & 2nd Runner-up Miss VLTKM will officially become the exclusive representative for the game, participating in events and programs organized by NPH.

The top 3 Miss VLTK Mobile found has also officially closed the largest-scale beauty race ever for female gamers; but it opens up an exciting and challenging new journey for our 3 beautiful beauties. Please look forward to the one-year journey of Misses with the same game Martial Arts Mobile Please!

Miss Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile is pleased to receive sponsorship from VinPearl Hotels & Resorts, ZaloPay, Grand Hotel Saigon and Sony.

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