Fallout 76 – Why can’t PC gamers play with Console?

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Since consoles started adding the internet, people have gotten used to the fact that the same game can’t be linked between different platforms. Although Microsoft and Nintendo are now working together to develop the Cross-Play feature, Sony still refuses to change. Recently, Sony probably also because it could not withstand too much pressure from the public, so it has begun to support the cross-play feature for the game Fortnite, so in the future, whether Fallout 76 Is this feature supported?


To answer this problem, Chris Meyer – Fallout 76’s production director explained:


When asked by the media when Fallout 76 will be able to support cross-play, the game development team has set a project to refresh the security content, so it is impossible to be sure about the exact time. corpse. Finally, Mr. Jeff Gardiner – the person in charge of this category of the game ended the exchange by saying: “We will consider after the game is released”.

Fallout 76 will be released in November

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