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Yahoo Mail is a free Web-based e-mail service that helps you communicate, communicate, switch between e-mail options, chat via text messages. If you are new to Yahoo services and want to create a Yahoo mail account, set up a Yahoo account, here are the detailed steps you need to take on your Mac or PC.

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest email platforms, used as a tool to send and receive mail, news, and documents quickly, favored by many users. In this article, will guide you through the steps to start creating and setting up a Yahoo Mail account. You can perform these steps on your desktop or mobile versions of Yahoo Mail.

how to sign Yahoo mail

Register for a Yahoo mail account, instructions to create a yahoo account fast, easy to do

Benefits of creating an account, setting up a Yahoo mail nick

– When you create a Yahoo mail account, you will own your own mail account and have access to a free account to receive and send email.

– Creating a Yahoo account also gives you access to a variety of Yahoo services such as Yahoo Q&A, Yahoo notepad, personalized news, address book, social networking, messaging by phone ,…

– Yahoo Mail offers free email accounts with 1 TB of online storage at domains, and

– Yahoo Mail also provides folders to store messages and the ability to search to find messages.

How to sign up for a Yahoo account

– Download the latest installation of Yahoo here: Yahoo!

Note: The best way to create a new Yahoo account is through a desktop web browser. In case you want to create a Yahoo account via mobile phone, you need to access the AppStore/CH Play on your phone, find and download the Yahoo app and follow the instructions below to register to create your Yahoo account. me.

Step 1: Access the link to create a Yahoo mail account: Click quick access Here

Step 2: At the Yahoo email registration interface, enter your full name, the Yahoo mail account you want to create, phone number, password, date of birth, gender, press “continue

Sign up Yahoo mail

Step 3: Click on the box “text me the verification code” to receive verification code via registered phone number

I have a yahoo mail account

Step 4: Enter the verification code received in the box, press “Verification

How do I drill yahoo mail?

Step 5: The screen displays the Yahoo mail registration process successfully, you press “accomplished” to complete the registration process for a Yahoo mail account and access the Yahoo homepage and experience the benefits that Yahoo brings.

Lap nick Yahoo mail

Compose a new message in Yahoo Mail

Step 1: You access the link, enter your username and password to log in to your Yahoo Mail account.

how to sign yahoo mail

Step 2: To compose a new message, click on the option “Compose

Step 3: Enter the mailing address (eg: [email protected]), the subject of the message, the content of the message you want to send

Step 4: Press “To send” to complete the mailing process.

How to use Yahoo mail?

Note: LIVE In the body of the message, you can choose from a number of options below the compose frame such as:

– Type directly the content of the message you want to send into the edit box

– Choose to attach files

– Gif: Select animation

– Heart and smiley icons: Add background patterns, insert emoticons into the message body

– Options for bold, italic, font color, font style,…

View Sent Yahoo Emails

Click on the option “Sent” to see a list of previously sent emails. If you want to see the detailed content of each email, left-click on the corresponding email.

How to use Yahoo mail

View incoming emails

Click on the option “Inbox” to see the list of incoming emails. If you want to see the content of each email, click on the email you want to read.

how to get earphone Yahoo mail

So just follow the basic steps above and you can sign up for Yahoo Mail, successfully created account. In addition, you can refer to chat with multiple Yahoo nicks on the same computer so that you can use multiple yahoo nicks in one use!

In addition, if you want to use Facebook – the largest online social network today, you need to register for facebook after that login Facebook to be able to download videos, upload images … quite similar to Yahoo, right.

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