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Re-War : Territorial War Known in English as Refight: Burning Engine, molded by the company ShanDong HongYang, this continues to be a game of the 3rd-person Battle Royale genre that is so familiar today.


The game is a new experience because instead of families putting together to produce the same survival game, with re Refight will be a new walk with armored tanks. The graphics of the game apply Unreal Engine 4 and the physical movements are extremely realistic.


With a large map, 50 tanks will also parachute and fight to the last tank. You don’t have to worry about the boring scene in the game because this game is also designed like many other survival games when there are grasslands and the surprise is that you can hide your “character” waiting. the time is ripe.


Gmae also has a mechanism to narrow the circle, requiring the player to constantly move into the safe zone if they do not want to lose their lives. Currently, from the time of testing until the official launch, the game still only allows 50 people to participate, but it is possible that in the future this number will be increased.

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