Raziel: Dungeon Arena – Korea’s crazy hack-and-slash ARPG ready to download now

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Raziel: Dungeon Arena Carry slash gameplay return and get an expanded single player mode, boss battles and raids in the multiplayer version. The game has a storyline told in a comic style combined with heroic music. A key feature of Raziel is the manual control. The game does not have an automatic mode like most games today. Are players willing to give up old habits and challenge themselves in Action RPG this?

The player begins his journey in the City of Being, one of the last refuges of the good faction. From there, the adventure will take players through 10 story chapters and 60 copies, confronting countless monsters. After completing the single player mode, Raziel’s focus will shift to multiplayer and crafting equipment. Players can team up with 4 people when participating in the multiplayer version with 120 different levels.

Main features of Raziel: Dungeon Arena

Each player can bring two characters into battle and switch characters during play. This mechanic creates its own depth and strategy for each match, allowing players to change and combine different schools to create new battle strategies.​

A character’s skill will have 16 unique abilities for the player to choose from. Skill trees enhance the character’s ability to adjust, creating a variety of character building directions and different playstyles. Homemade equipment, secondary stats, gems, and a variety of power-ups help players perfect their individual gameplay.​

Raziel’s single player mode consists of 10 chapters and 60 levels for everyone to unleash and defeat hordes of monsters and bosses.


Players can team up to participate in raid maps or larger boss battles in Tavern’s wanted quests.​

Raziel is a AAA quality ARPG meticulously crafted using Unity 3D graphics. Detailed clones and special effects provide a touch rarely seen in mobile games. Realistic sound effects and the exclusive OST will bring a vivid experience to the players.

Readers can download Raziel: Dungeon Arena for CHPlay and AppStore


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