Razer produces masks – There must be a gamer-like RPG

Razer san xuat khau trang Co han RPG dung chat game thu43c6eb0f5a295c8b - Emergenceingame

Mask concept This solves most of the current problems of cloth masks and disposable masks. N95 mask made from transparent materials and fitted with LED lights to avoid restricting the observation of the user’s facial expressions. The mask is also equipped with a microphone, an air filter and a speaker to amplify the voice. In addition, the N95 mask also has a sealed protective layer made of silicone and a sizing function.

Of course, from the design of the mask, many people can guess that this concept was inspired by a number of games such as Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Metro Exodus, Star Wars or Rainbow Six Siege.


Project Hazel as part of the #RazerForLife campaign, when Razer moved some lines to produce disposable masks in March 2020 and pledged to donate one million masks. The N95 mask is just an experimental idea, the product is not ready to hit the market, there is no estimated price and no confirmation from Razer. But if it goes on sale, the N95 respirator will come with replaceable filters and wireless charging with a built-in UV sterilizer. Regarding the battery life of the mask, Razer said the mask is not intended for all-day use and especially not for surgery, but will be suitable for business trips and outings.

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