Ranking Guns for Hire’s shooters in Far Cry 5 (P.2)

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Guns for Hire is a system consisting of characters that the player can recruit during the solo mode of Far Cry 5. They can assist us in many ways, with different skills, and obviously with varying degrees of usefulness. Below is a ranking of these “gunners” from low to high by Emergenceingame.Com, although not all of them “use guns”.​

5. Boomer

If for cat lovers, Peaches will definitely be in the top 2 of this list, so will Boomer for dog lovers. The problem here is, although Boomer’s ability to mark enemies is always useful, on the contrary, his ability to bring back weapons gradually becomes redundant during the game.​

After completing a few missions with a decent amount of money in the bank, you should now also have a reliable arsenal of weapons, and that should make the weapons that Boomer brought back to be worthless. use. Besides, like Peaches, Boomer’s ability to survive in the middle of the battlefield is not too high. And you know, when you see a poor lovable creature lying in a pool of blood and groaning, can you be cold enough to ignore it rather than risking your life to save it? That adventure, sometimes will eventually come to pretty bad endings for yourself, but luckily, this is just a game.


Of course, in addition to the above weaknesses, Boomer is also a great assassin, and that’s why our guy absolutely deserves to be at 5th place on this list.

4. Cheeseburger

The third and last animal in the list of Guns for Hire is not a human. That’s right, Cheeseburger is a big grizzly bear.


With its size, Cheeseburger easily takes on the role of tanker in the team. In addition, he also has the ability to rip enemies like rags thanks to his claws and fangs. All in all, for gamers who prefer sweeping gameplay rather than stealth, Cheeseburger is definitely the number one choice for the frontline.


Cheeseburger’s weakness, perhaps it’s because he’s too “specialized” with his tanker role, and that means it won’t be able to take on other roles when you want to change the way you play. It should be known, most gamers like to play games in a variety of ways, sometimes they want to surf, sometimes they like to sneak, and Cheeseburger can’t satisfy both. For this reason, the Bear can only stop at 4th place on the leaderboard.

3. Hurk Drubman Jr.

A character that is familiar to anyone who is a longtime Far Cry fan, Hurk Drubman Jr. proved its usefulness in many cases. When he needs to dash, with his bazooka, he can blow dozens of enemies into the air. When it comes to hiding, Hurk also proves that he can also be stealthy and quiet. More specifically, with Hurk in the squad, you won’t need to worry about dangers from the air anymore, especially when you still don’t have enough money to buy a RAT4 grenade launcher.


Hurk’s weakness, sadly, is also from his bazooka, as its damage cannot distinguish between enemy and friend. Use Hurk, and sometimes you will go crazy when he suddenly decides to fire a cannon at the enemy outpost, when there are still hostages in it. Of course, those cases are rare, and in essence, Hurk is still an extremely useful “gunner”.

2. Jess Black

If forced to participate in the Hunger Games, then perhaps Jess Black will easily win. A master of the arts of survival as well as hunting, Jess had to go through a traumatic past before becoming a Guns for Hire. And once you complete the quest to recruit her, Jess will quickly prove how useful she can be as a teammate.


Jess is a great fighter with the ability to destroy opponents at any distance, thanks to her reliable bow as well as the ability to move silently like a ghost in the wild. Not only that, when random attacks of animals have become a regular obsession since Far Cry 3 & 4, Jess’s “Feral Friendly” skill becomes even more precious when it keep them quiet every time you need to cross the woods to kill the fanatics.


All in all, Jess is a perfect pick for both close combat and stealth play, a trump card that can be used in any hand. Besides, the super cool appearance and voice of Robert Goulet are also a huge plus for Jess Black.

1. Grace Armstrong

A former soldier of the US Army, Grace Armstong is unquestionably number 1 on the Guns for Hire list thanks to her marksmanship. No matter how far the target is, you give the order, and she will never let me miss. Get Grace a safe spot, and you can sit there and watch as she sends a slow but deadly rain of bullets over the heads of Joseph Seed’s followers.


Besides marksmanship, Grace is also no stranger to close combat. When necessary, she can also take down anyone who dares to approach, just like how she knocks them down from hundreds of meters away. Of course, for Grace to use her melee skills is a waste, when the new sniper rifle is really the “scythe of death” in her hand.​

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