Rank fighting in the game Crossfire Legends

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Crossfire Legends is one of the best mobile shooting games today and many people choose to play after hours of study and work.

But not just an entertaining game, this FPS king also has a great attraction thanks to his available features, one of which is the Rank battle. So what is Rank? How to play? What to pay attention when participating in Rank battle in Crossfire Legends.

What is Ranking? The form of players participating in a new competition mechanism, with more “players”, more thrilling but also receiving valuable rewards, which is the rank of the character.

With those who playedi Raid in particular or the shooting game In particular, the show of class is the basic and even the purpose for them to participate in the game. To participate in this mode, players must have a word level level 10 or higher.

Once qualifying and the new season begins, below (next to the Benefits icon) will be available Rank icon. Touch it to start participating in the competition.

Main interface
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Rank match mode

There are two modes of competition to choose from Team match or Set of bombs. Basically, the way of playing is not different from normal competition (destroying 50 opponent’s lives to win). Crossfire Legends does not support automatic shot.

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With mode Rank – Team match. A total of 10 players are divided into 2 groups, they just need to kill the other side 50 kills first to win, or if time is not enough, the difference will be calculated (the one who dies more will lose). Rank point is also not fixed, depending on the outcome, also if you win and have a teammate win ACE, your team will get bonus points.

In particular, if you or your teammate is a VIP, using a VIP weapon, the score will also be higher than normal. Some maps in this mode are:

  • Cargo ship.
  • Paradise Island.
  • Border outpost.
  • Market area.

Team match
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With Rank – Place bombs, is exactly the same as normal mode. The group that wins 5 matches will win the final match. The Global Risk must prevent the Black List from placing bombs or destroy the entire Black List team to win (as opposed to the Black List mission).

Set of bombs
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Some maps in this mode:

  • Desert sandstorm
  • Flower Assembly.
  • Broadcast station.
  • Satellite station.

Trophies when playing Rank

For each win in a Rank match, the player gets bonus points. And if this total bonus points reach a certain level, they will be promoted to the title in sequence Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond, each of these titles is divided into 6 sub-levels (from 1 to 6).

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You can follow rank match rankings to know who is at the top level.

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Or if you have friends in the game, you can also know their current title. The season rewards are quite large and valuable, helping you to play better.

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The rules of the rank match

  • Time fighting rank per day: 9:00 – 23:59.
  • Every time a season is opened, the RANK symbol (trophy shape) in the main interface. At the end, all points you scored in that season will automatically return to 0. At the same time receive diamonds or weapons… depending on the rank.
  • Try to reach ACE to get more points.
  • If you are at a high rank but not showing good fighting performance, you will be deducted more points than usual. Also at a low rank, the number of points will be protected.

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In addition, mid-run runs or exits will result in penalties:

  • Exiting mid-game is deducted 16 points and will not be able to enter battle within 4 minutes.
  • The more you escape, the more severe the punishment is.
  • Quitting mid-game will also be underestimated and ranked worse.

Those are some notes and rules while participating in Rank matches that Mobile Raid players should be aware of. Hopefully with these attention, you will play better game and achieve high levels in the game.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

Source link: Rank fighting in the game Crossfire Legends
– https://emergenceingames.com/

Source link: Rank fighting in the game Crossfire Legends
– https://emergenceingames.com/

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