How to play the game Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 is a classic 2D fighting game but very popular on PC. With a diverse character system, many interesting game modes, Little Fighter 2 really attracts players of many ages.

In the game there are many characters and each has different special moves. Sometimes, the player will not be able to fully explore their full strength. So, in this article, will introduce to you the character system and how to attack each character.

Little Fighter 2 has a huge amount of characters including 10 main characters, 9 minor characters and 5 secret characters. In this part, we will learn about the main character system and how to attack them.

Some general joystick:

  • D: Blocking
  • A: Attack
  • J: Dance
  • 4 arrow keys to move up, down, left, right

Another point to note is that each move will use an amount of mp (energy) or hp (health) of the character. So, consider the situation in which you can use the best blow strategy and get the best effect.

1. Deep

Swordsman Deep specializes in using his sword to strike, his moves are very powerful. There is an advantage when fighting against the leaf.

  • Energy Blast (- 15mp): A fairly powerful attack, but only works against opponents at close range.Using: Support + left + hit (D + Left + A)
  • Strike (- 15mp): Repel all nearby enemies in just one slash. Using: Support + down + hit
  • Leap Attack (- 20mp): Kill the enemy to the ground while he is in the air. Using: Support + up + jump + hit
  • Dashing Strafe (- 30mp): Suitable for dealing with a group of opponents standing close together or in a row. Using: Support + right + jump

Little Fighter 2

2. Dennis

Dennis’s attacks were mainly with his feet

  • Energy Blast (- 8mp): Shoots lots of small energy orbs with weak attack power. Using: support + right + hit
  • Strafe (- 15mp): unleashes quick and continuous kicks. Using: hold + down + hit
  • Whirlwind Kick ( – 15mp): The consecutive kick in the air can wipe out every opponent on the road. Using: support + right + jump
  • Chashing Blast (- 20mp): Creates an energy ball with medium attack power and ability to chase opponents. Using: support + up + hit

Little Fighter 2

3. Henry

Henry is an archer, very beneficial in long range, Unlimited number of names.

  • Dragon Palm (- 30mp): Throws all opponents with a strong gust of wind. Using: support + right + hit
  • Multiple Shot (-30mp): Shoot ten arrows in one go, extending attack range. Using: hold + jump + hit
  • Criticle Shot (- 40mp): Shoots an arrow that can pierce all enemies along the way. Using: support + right + jump
  • Sonata of the Death (- 50mp): Flute flute causes the opponent to hover in the air and slowly lose health. Using: support + up + jump

Little Fighter 2

4. Freeze

The Freeze Ice Mage is capable of attacking enemies with ice.

  • Ice blast (- 20mp): Freezes opponents with large ice balls, which can counter Energy Blast. Using: support + right + hit
  • Summon Sword (- 30mp): Creating an ice sword also has the ability to freeze opponents. Using: hold + down + jump
  • Icicle (- 30mp): Create 6 Pillars of Ice that can freeze enemies in the vicinity, very effective when dealing with a group troops of or with Hunter. Using: support + right + hit
  • Whirlwind (- 60mp): Creates a tornado, which has quite strong destructive power. How to use: đ+ up + jump
  • Fuse: The move combined with Firen creates Firzen with tremendous power. Usage: When both Firen and Freeze are about 1/3 health, if the two run together, then Firzen appears.

Refer to Freeze’s attack in the following video:

5. Firen

Firen is a fire mage capable of attacking opponents with fire.

  • Fire ball (- 15mp): Use Mana to form a Fireball to burn your enemies. Using: support + right + hit
  • Blaze (- 15mp): Running around creates a long Fire trail, burning anyone who gets close. Using: support + right + jump
  • Interno (- 30mp): Blows out a fire that can burn everything along the way. Using: hold + down + jump
  • Explosion (- 60mp + 8hp): create a huge explosion knocking everything around. Cyoke used: support + up + jump
  • Fuse: same as Freeze

Refer to the battle between Firen and Freeze:

6. John

Use your wand to fight. Has the ability to heal.

  • Energy Blast (-15 mp): Shoots a purple energy ball. Using: support + right + hit
  • Energy Disk (- 50mp): Create a disk capable of locating and destroying the opponent. Using: support + up + hit
  • Energy Shield (- 20mp): creates a shield that blocks all attacks and bounces off opponent’s attacks. Using: support + right + jump
  • Heal (- 70mp): heal yourself and your teammates. Using: Heal yourself: hold + down + jump. Heal your teammates: support + up + jump

7. Rudolf

Rudoft is a ninja who can use darts and swords very quickly. Suitable for fighting at close or medium range, attacking by launching a lot of darts.

  • Leap Attack (0mp): a pretty and ninja-like sword move that can take down a group of opponents. Using: support + right + jump
  • Multiple Ninja Star (- 20mp): launch 5 darts at once. Using: support + right + hit
  • Transform (- 30mp): The move of transforming into an enemy is “grabbing” in his hand. Using: after catching an opponent, press: hold + jump + hit. After transforming, you can revert back to Rudolf by pressing one more time hold + jump + hit.
  • Hide (- 50mp): The move becomes invisible for a short period of 100 seconds. Using: support + up + jump
  • Double (- 70 mp): makes many new copies, but not very powerful. Using: hold + down + jump

Little Fighter 2

8. Louis:

Slow moving but has a very good ability to block the attack, the enemy must attack many times to damage Louis. When less than 1/3 of blood Louis can break armor to transform into LouisEx.

  • Thunder Punch (- 10mp): a left punch knocked all opponents out. Using: run / jump + hit
  • Thunder Kick (- 10mp): Launches 6 consecutive kicks in the air, knocking down all obstacles along the way. Using: support + right + jump
  • Whirlwind Throw (- 15mp): Grab the enemy and throw him anywhere. Using: support + up + jump
  • Phoenix Palm (- 30mp): also creates strong winds like Henry but can attack both sides. Using: support + right + hit
  • Transform: Louis transformed into LouisEX after an explosion. Using: When Louis is about 1/3 of blood, press support + jump + hit

Little Fighter 2

9. Woody

Woody’s attacks are not strong, but are quite agile and agile.

  • Flip Kick (0mp): a blow that knocks close opponents into the air. Using: support + up + hit
  • Turning Kick (- 10mp): take down a group of opponents with a very funny attack: planting a banana. Using: hold + down + hit
  • Teleport (- 10mp): Bringing Woody closer to a teammate or opponent in the blink of an eye. Using: Close to your teammates, press hold + down + jump. Get close to your opponent: support + up + jump
  • Energy Blast (- 25mp): create 2 strong energy flows. Usage: support + right + hit
  • Tiger Dash (- 40mp): kick all opponents in the way. Usage: support + right + jump

Little Fighter 2

10. Davis:

Using his fists was very proficient, in contrast to Dennis.

  • Leap Attack (- 5mp): Kill when the opponent is in the air. How to use: đJump + jump + jump + hit
  • Energy Blast (- 8mp): shoot small and fast energy spheres. Using: support + right + hit
  • Strafe (- 15mp): unleashes multiple punches in a row. Using: hold + down + hit
  • Dragon Punch (- 45mp): Punch kicks the opponent into the air. Using: support + up + hit

Refer to the manner of the attack of Davis:

Above is a summary of the moves and moves of the main character in the game Little Fighter 2. I wish you success and soon become the champion in this exciting fighting game.

Source link: How to play the game Little Fighter 2

Source link: How to play the game Little Fighter 2

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