How to earn currencies in the game Dream Score

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Soccer game Dream Score There are a number of different currencies and they are used for specific purposes for players to develop their football teams. In this article, will share with you information and how to make currencies in Dream Score.

Dream Score is a fun mix of stylish soccer games arcade compelling and an impressive squad building system. As with most mobile arcade soccer games today, you’ll find pretty much any currency in the game. You may wonder what they are used for and how to get them? The following article will share with you all the information you need to know about the currencies in Dream Score to help you earn and manage money better.

How to make money in the dream score game

Guide to making currencies in Dream Score

How to earn currencies in the game Dream Score

1. Gem (gemstone)

Gem (gems) is the premium currency in Dream Score and the main method for you to earn gems in the game is to buy with real money. Gem is used to buy exclusive items in the game. You rarely get gems as rewards in Dream Score.

2. Pound (British Pound)

How to make money in the game dream score

GBP is the main currency in Dream Score that you will use a lot for in-game transactions. Tap on the coin icon in the upper right corner of the screen and a menu containing all the ways you can get Pound will appear. Pound is also a common reward for the main quests. This currency can be used for everything like player upgrades, player purchases and more.

3. EP (energy)

Make money in dream score

EP energy is required to play matches. It works just like in games with similar functionality. Just like the pound, Dream Score offers quite a few different ways for you to earn these energies, such as completing quests and participating in matches.

4. Shards (puzzle pieces)

how gems are made in dream score

Character puzzle pieces is the type of reward you can earn by completing quests. Each player card has different puzzle pieces. When you have enough puzzle pieces for a specific player, the pieces can be combined and you will get that player. If you get some player pieces that you don’t want, you can choose to sell them for some British Pounds.

5. Seats (adding players in club)

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This is a pretty simple bonus. Seats can be used to unlock additional space in your player’s center. Meaning you can basically have more players in your club, which is very helpful in the later stages of the game. You earn Seat by completing quests and participating in matches.

The currencies or useful rewards mentioned above play an important role in the management and development of your team in Dream Score. You can usually earn those currencies by completing quests and competitions. However, the only way to get gems in Dream Score is to top up with real money.

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