Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact: Everything you need to know

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In Genshin Impact, Raiden Shogun is an electric character that will be released in an upcoming update. Here are everything you need to know about Baal Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun.

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun’s skill in Genshin Impact

Baal Raiden Shogun’s skill

Baal Raiden Shogun is a character using the 5 star power system. According to a source from Honey Hunter World, below is the new skill leaked about Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact.

Normal Attack: Root

  • Normal attack: Performs up to five weapon attacks in a row.
  • Plunging Strike: Attacks the ground below while in mid-air, dealing damage to any enemies in its path and area-of-effect damage on impact.
  • Charged Strike: Consumes a bit of stamia to perform an overhead slash.

Elemental Skill: Transcendence – Baleful Omen

Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact deals electrical damage to nearby enemies and grants nearby allies a Lightning Eye. This buff tracks team members and performs coordinated attacks along with the main fighting character. Attacks deal Electro damage to the affected area and have a cooldown of 0.9 seconds.

Elemental Burst: Secret Art – Musou Shinsetsu

This thunder god Baal casts AOE Electro and summons the sword Musou Isshin to use for a short time. When in Musou Isshin state, all Normal, Charged, and Plunging moves will be converted to electric or elemental burst damage.

All moves heal party members, and while in this state, Raiden Shogun also gains immunity and interrupts with Electro-reactive damage.

The Thunder God Raiden Shogun also has a special skill called Shogun Byakugen no Rin, which is activated when an ally uses Elemental Burst. It increases Elemental Burst damage based on the number of dispel stacks achieved. This stack depends on the amount of health consumed by an ally, up to a maximum of 60.

Raiden Shogun’s Passive Skill in Genshin Impact

  • Wishes Unnumbered: When a nearby ally receives an orb or elemental particle, Shogun Byakugen no Rin gains two stacks of negation. This effect can happen every three seconds.
  • All-Preserver: Consumes 50% less Mora when increasing weapons and swords.
  • Enlightened One: Every 1% charge over 100% of the mana Raiden Shogun has grants her 0.4% electrical damage and a 0.6% greater mana regeneration from Musou Isshin.
Boss Raiden Shogun

Constellation of Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact

  • Ominous Inscription: Increases the speed of collecting and dissolving the Shogun Byakugen no Rin.
  • Pledge of Propriety: When Musou Isshin’s status expires, all party members except Raiden Shogun gain 30% more attack for 19 seconds.
  • Shinkage Bygones: Level up Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu to 3, max 15.
  • Steelbreaker: While in Musou Isshin state, the attack reduces the enemy’s defense by 60%.
  • Shogun’s Descent: Level up Transcendence: Baleful Omen to 3, up to a maximum of 15.
  • Wishbearer: While in Musou Isshin state, Baal’s attacks reduce an ally’s cooldown by one second when hit. This effect does not apply to Baal and can only be activated 5 times per Musou Isshin.

Above is information about skills of Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact. Hope the article helps you have an easier way to build Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact.

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