Townscaper tips for beginners

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Townscaper allows players to create beautiful exotic cities. Here are some Tips for playing Townscaper for beginners.

Townscaper brings you extremely interesting construction experiences
Townscaper brings you extremely interesting construction experiences

Townscaper is possibly the most addictive sandbox game ever, allowing players to build the city of their dreams in a completely different way. Players must pay attention to the color palette or other building settings. Although it looks simple, Townscaper gives you a ton of creative possibilities. Here are some tips to get started Townscaper useful.

Townscaper tips for beginners

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    Understand how maps work

    Townscaper game map is different from normal city building games
    Townscaper game map is different from normal city building games

    The most important tip is probably knowing how the map works. In Townscaper, the map is a grid-like system that you can use the right mouse button to move around. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the map of the grid system contains not only squares but also curves, almost circular puzzle pieces inside.

    Using the map isn’t just about placing items on flat ground in Townscaper. You can build vertical buildings, even floating structures, and much more.

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    Invite some animals to visit the house

    A unique building in Townscaper
    A unique building in Townscaper

    Hidden in many aspects of Townscaper are some tiny animals such as pigeons and butterflies. For them to appear, you need to meet a few conditions.

    Pigeons need a roof or scaffolding to nest. Small birds appear randomly jumping around at their free will. Similarly, butterflies can only live in grassy areas. You can see them frolicking around the bushes. The addition of these two sweet creatures adds realism and warmth to the Townscaper.

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    Learn how to build a lighthouse

    Building a lighthouse is easy in Townscaper
    Building a lighthouse is easy in Townscaper

    A great trick when building in Townscaper is learning how to make a lighthouse. It is simpler than it seems. To build a lighthouse, players only need to stack 3 or more blocks in a narrow tower. The last three blocks should have different colors. Doing it this way, the top block will automatically turn into the windowed part of the building.

    These structures work on top of many different platforms, not just flat ground. You can put it above the crane. The only limitation when playing Townscaper is your imagination.

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    Build a floating city

    Build a floating city in Townscaper
    Build a floating city in Townscaper

    If you see a circle on your map, don’t hesitate to build a floating city right away. Basically, if there are no corners to build on, Townscaper will create triangular buildings and use propellers to keep them balanced.

    After sketching the design, you can fill in the gaps, then build. To make the floating city more interesting, create 3 layers, then remove the bottom layer. In this way, people will clearly see the obvious difference of the floating structure compared to the water surface. You can also connect multiple floating islands together.

  • Making archways in Townscaper
    Making archways in Townscaper

    Townscaper seems to give users endless creative possibilities, from artistic to casual. A simple tip for beginners Townscaper is to make archways: easy but impressive.

    Players only need to create 2 buildings at the location they want to create an entrance with an archway. Then add a dome that covers both buildings and the space in between. The arch can be built over gaps larger than a block or two, but scaffolding can be placed on top if made larger.

  • Above is some Townscaper tips for beginners. Hope the article is useful to you.

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