Chess Federation: Guide Gunners formation – Strong Science


Gunners – Science is one of the powerful formations that can help you win easily in Chess League. Let’s learn about how to play this squad through the following article.


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Guide Gunners squad – Powerful Science in the Mobile League

Arrangement of formation

In the current version of League of Legends, Science – Gunners are the most comprehensive manual team capable of advancing strength evenly through each stage of the match. If it is possible to build in time, this lineup is absolutely not bored with any opponent.

It can be said that Gunners – Science is the most comprehensive manual squad in Arena of Valor.



  • Violet
  • Valhein
  • Moren
  • Capheny


Monster hunter

Tan Lien Hiep

How to play

First 10 rounds

The necessary generals:

  • Max and Omega: This army will provide a large amount of health and armor for any ally. So take advantage of this to increase blood retention.
  • Valhein and Quillen: Increases 10% attack damage and 15% crit chance, Use these 2 cards to harass enemies in the back line.
  • Valhein is very strong: Valhein is one of 6 generals that do not need energy but can still activate the ability.
  • Violet: Violet can help her dodge enemy damage and attack them in a straight line


Round 11 to round 19

The necessary generals:

  • Rouke: This is an important card to activate Gladiators – Archers and Union. Rouke will have the task to Continue looking for more Moren and Capheny to activate all necessary effects. Rouke will be used as a tank in the frontline to take damage with his armor creation skills and reduce his damage.
  • Moren: One of the key Gunners in the squad with his Cannon skill.
  • Capheny: A champion with the ability to reduce enemy armor and can be stacked, Capheny is a very powerful main dame capable of finishing the enemy team with just one hit.


Round 20 onwards

After building a relatively sufficient lineup, this is the stage where players need to arrange and upgrade the squad properly. Always take care to protect your Gunners, and make sure they deal the optimal amount of damage. In addition, this phase is also the time to find Richter to perfect and increase the magic resistance for the entire squad.


I wish you victory with the Gunners – Science.

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