Quick lookup tips equipped with pre-season League of Legends 2021

As the official information about Riot announced, when entering the pre-season LOL 2021 there will be a lot of equipment changes, and to simplify the process of looking up and finding out equipment items before playing League of Legends 2021 an enthusiastic gamer has created a website for the gaming community to consult about the latest equipment system. Let’s learn about this website with EmergenceInGame.

Website address:


When accessing LOL Shop Surely the player will see the interface quite similar to the in-game store

Interface LOL Shop GG
Interface LOL Shop GG

The items of equipment are divided horizontally according to each character such as: Gladiators, Gunners, Assassins, Mages, Blockers and Assistant.

The vertical row is corresponding to equipment such as:


  • Damage
  • Critical
  • Attack speed
  • Bloodsucking


  • Blood
  • Magical resistance
  • Healing
  • Armor

Magic items:

  • Power of magic
  • Cooldown reduction
  • Increase energy
  • Energy recovery

Others like:

The difficult point here is probably that the entire display language is English, requiring users to have knowledge and understanding of the English language. The equipment tiers are also divided according to:

  • MYTHICS – mysteries
  • LEGENDARIES – legend
  • EPICS – epic
  • BASICS – basic

The entire League of Legends equipment system has been fully and accurately updated at LOLShop.GG, players just need to hover the mouse on the item equipment parameters to be fully displayed. These changes will make it difficult for players to choose, synthesize or pair equipment in the new 2021 League of Legends season. Hopefully with the support of LOLShop.GG, players will easily catch up with the latest League of Legends.

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