Days Gone – PS4 super product ranked Top best selling game on PC

Days Gone Sieu pham PS4 xep Top game ban chay nhat PC7a9f8df501eccb24 - Emergenceingame

Many PC players have had to wait a long time to experience Days Gone. The zombie game is currently leading the list best selling game above Steamovercome Mass Effect and Resident Evil Village.


The open world game of Bend Studio brought the reign of Mass Effect Legendary Edition to an end after a short while. BioWare’s blockbuster remake slipped to number two after only a week at number one. Resident Evil Village, one of this month’s other standout releases, dropped two places, from second to fourth. The hit co-op game It Takes Two seems to have finally lost its “hotness” after more than two months in the rankings with a change in rank from sixth to ninth.


Biomutant by developer Experiment 101 is an action-adventure game that first appeared in the charts at number three. Subnautica: Below Zero dropped to fifth place after more than a week of release. Red Dead Redemption 2 ranks sixth and is currently on sale. The Witcher 3 ranks eighth and is also being discounted at 80%. At the bottom of the rankings is Cyberpunk 2077. Perhaps the 20% discount price has made CD Projekt Red’s game “hot” again.


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