PUBG – When the enemy is far away without 8X, this is a great ‘fire fighting’ trick

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For PUBG gamers, the scope is one of the prerequisite accessories that help increase their survivability through defeating opponents. Because the principle in PUBG is very simple, kill or be killed. And if you can take out the enemy from long distances without revealing the location, that is already a huge advantage.

The effect of the scopes is simply to magnify the target so that you can easily see and finish the opponent at a distance, helping you aim more accurately. The only downside of the item is that it greatly narrows your view of the game when you are too dependent on it. Scopes come in many different types, and each type magnifies the target to different degrees and the centering will also vary depending on the distance between you and the opponent. In which 8X is often preferred by gamers because of its large target magnification.

However, if in an emergency you don’t have an 8X or any scope in hand, what will happen, what will you have to do, maybe you have to give up, stand by and watch helplessly. Of course not when this gamer guy has come up with a great way to “fire out”. That is… use a magnifying glass instead of a viewfinder.

The brilliant invention of the male gamer makes many other players excited, although it has not been confirmed how effective and accurate it is, but it must be commended for the creativity that has 1-0-2 of the guy, because of course thanks to the magnifying glass, the target is controlled in a much clearer view.


As for you, to know how effective this trick is, try it out and review it with other players!

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