Ice Lakes: Pick up your rod and go fishing in the middle of winter

This winter, if you just hide under the blanket and sleep, it is really boring, if you want to add flavor to your winter, then Ice Lakes It’s not a bad choice. In the game you will carry a fishing rod in the middle of the cold winter, enjoying the scenery only in fairy tales.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Ice Lakes is mobile games Role-playing developed by Iceflake studios. The game takes you into a dreamy world, with scenes that you must always secretly wish to set foot in in the real world, and experience extremely interesting fishing activities. In the game, there will be 17 different maps with many special fish species, besides you will be able to participate in fishing tournaments with more than 10 different competitions. Moreover, your character will have a system of costumes, fishing rods and the weather in the game will alternately change.


Join the game, you will play the role of becoming a professional fisherman, “hunting” fish under the dense ice, you will use free or purchased tools to serve your hunting trip. In addition to participating in fishing competitions, you can team up, compete with friends or compete with people who are online. And yet, everything is not so simple as you think, in the vast world of Ice Lakes you will have to face fierce bears, always stalking to “kill” you at any time.
After the test in September, the game has now been officially released on mobile platforms, download the game now to experience it.

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