PUBG: Summary of the hottest skydiving locations in Sanhok map

What is the hottest place to skydive on PUBG Mobile’s Sanhok map? Let check out the list The location is worth landing with many good items or engaging fighting on the Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile Please!

PUBG Mobile is the game that created the shooting game fever on mobile devices. Basically, players will land at different locations on the map to search for resources and survive until the last moment. PUBG Mobile There are many fascinating maps, the highlight of which is Sanhok.

The area of ​​Sanhok is 4x4km, only 1/4 of that of Erangel and Miramar, with such a small area, but PUBG still does not reduce the number of players in the game, so the game pace will be very fast and will happen. Painting is continuous, so weapons will appear everywhere and you don’t have to worry about the number of weapons appearing in the game.

PUBG Sanhok

This time, the hot spots in the game here are about the number of gamers appearing, if you just love to loot and try not to meet anyone, choose the areas that you consider the most remote and then parachute down. . But many gamers new to Sanhok will not know which areas have a lot of fights and which areas where few people parachute down.

Below, has selected the areas considered to be the best landing points on Sok of PUBG Mobile.


PUBG: Summary of the hottest skydiving locations in Sanhok

1. Bootcamp

PUBG Sanhok

Gamers experienced in the Battlegrounds genre will immediately realize that in every map, the central area will get the most attention from all players, no matter how far away the flight path is. Many gamers “landed” down.

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What Bootcamp appeals to gamers is that the terrain, the weapons do not say anything because in this training camp, you will loot full your backpack quickly, the terrain is many blocks, shields and Plus the Sniper towers so this will be one of the fiercest fighting on the map.

2. Paradise Resort

PUBG Sanhok

Paradise Resort is located near Bootcamp, so this is also a hot area on the Sanhok map, many gamers who have finished fighting at Bootcamp often come here to “earn money” and vice versa. This is a resort with a lot of weapons so you can loot right away when you set foot in this area.

As for Paradise’s terrain, it’s smaller than Bootcamp and doesn’t have as many training shields as the Bootcamp, but the buildings inside Paradise Resort will be larger than Bootcamp’s, so if you land in this area, you should Buy yourself a Shotgun because it is likely that you will have to fight continuously in these huge houses.

3. Ruins

PUBG Sanhok

Usually the ruins in the game will just decorate the map more attractive and usually no one will visit, but the ruins in Sanhok are different, the weapons are full and the number of players parachuting down. This is not a few, so it is now more cruel after the fierce battles.

The terrain of Ruins is very flat and players can face each other easily even when entering the ancient temples, because of the simple terrain and the number of weapons, the pace of fighting here will be extremely fast and cruel. Compared with the test image when he was Savage, the temple in Sanhok has been completed quite well.

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4. Three training camps Camp Alpha, Bravo and Charlie

PUBG Sanhok

All three locations have the same properties as Bootcamp, loot much and similar terrain but the area is smaller than Bootcamp so the fighting time here will be much faster, so if you like fighting style crazy, choose one of these three barracks and parachute down.

5. Ha Tinh

PUBG Sanhok

This is definitely a place that Vietnamese gamers will prefer to explore rather than loot and fight, Ha Tinh has partially recreated the typical details of the houses and items used in Vietnam, Although not the same 100%, many Vietnamese gamers are still very excited to explore this area.

Located close to the coast on the small northern island and not too crowded like other central areas if the flight route is far away, however, you should not miss this area if it is on your flight route.

6. Pai Nam

PUBG Sanhok

Finally, the central area and keeping the name Water Town while in the Savage map, this riverside central town is also the choice of many gamers regardless of whether the flight path is on it or not, though The terrain is not favorable and the number of players is not as large as Bootcamp and Paradise Resort but this is also the place that you should try once.

7. Cave

PUBG Mobile's Sanhok Best Landing Location

Cave is not only a resource rich place on the Sanhok map but also a great place to defend because you have 2 ways to escape from this cave. However, this is also the most likely place to have a fatal accident if you jump from the top of the cave into the lake inside it. If you don’t fall right into the water, you will die. So, control the parachute carefully before deciding to land in the cave to find equipment, supplies … in PUBG Mobile!

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General comments about Sanhok, this is a map taking features from Southeast Asian countries, from topography, climate, to the typical housing zones of this area. Weapons are not lacking for gamers, although the map is small, but still describes all types of terrain, from dangerous to flat, suitable terrain for fighting.

If you do not know how to get a new map, please refer to the article How to download PUBG Experimental Server to experience the new 4 × 4 map Please.

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