Free Fire 2021: A complete list of free rewards in the New Start event

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During the event’s new start Garena Free Fire 2021, players can get many items in the game for free. Let explore the entire list of free rewards with the same conditions to own them in Free Fire Please!

New Launch Free Fire Event

Garena Free Fire for iOS Garena Free Fire for Android

5x Diamond Royale Voucher

Diamond Royale 5x Vouchers are awarded to players who signed in on 1/1/2021, so they are no longer available at the time of writing.

Explore Bermuda 2.0 maps

1x Weapon Royale Voucher

Bermuda Remastered Quiz offers 5 simple questions for players. All you need to do is answer them correctly to get this special weapon voucher.

Exterior items

In addition to the vouchers mentioned above, Free Fire 2021 also offers a variety of other rewards as part of the Bermuda Treasure event. To win these rewards, the player needs a new item, named Sakura Stamp, which can be obtained by completing a number of basic daily quests. This system is renewed every day.

If successful, players can take advantage of the Sakura Stamp to get back various exclusive rewards, such as banners, skateboard skins, and other packs.

How to redeem rewards based on the number of Sakura Stamps in Free Fire:

40 Sakura Stamp

Redeem 40 Sakura stamps in Free Fire 2021
  • Winterlands festival banners
  • Banner Force of Fire
  • Banner Party Animal

80 Sakura Stamp

Redeem sakura stamps in Free Fire
  • Spikey Spine surfboard
  • Egg Hunting Craze surfboard
  • Wasteland Survivor surfboard

120 Sakura Stamp

Exchange 120 Sakura stamps in Free Fire
  • Wasteland Wanderer Bundle
  • Hearthrob (Female) Bundle
  • Snowy Servitude Bundle

Note, you can only select one of the 3 available rewards at a time. However, don’t worry if you haven’t joined the event yet New Beginnings of Free Fire 2021 lasted until 10/1/2021.

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