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PUBG revealed a super awesome Update – Balance guns, add new Scopes, weapons and vehicles

As you all know, PUBG is preparing to balance the AR assault rifle genre with the goal of eliminating the need to choose only one gun model in the entire match. This is aimed at the goal that no gun in the game is useless and no weapon is better overall. Now, details about this gun balance update have arrived, along with the reveal of new weapons, accessories and vehicles in PUBG.


Here is the Full List of new content and modifications of PUBG’s upcoming super awesome Update 1.0 #12:

Weapon balance


  • Increased damage of P92, P1911, P18C, R1895, and R45.​


  • Increases effective damage and range.​

  • Increases damage when shot at arms and legs.​

  • Slightly reduced damage of S686 and S1897.​

  • Reduces ammo’s spread rate by 25%.

  • The Choke accessory can be attached to the Saw-Off Shotgun.​


  • Changed to be more effective in close-range firefights.​

  • Increases damage rate when shooting in the limb area.​

  • Slightly increased damage of UZI, UMP, and Vector.​

  • Reduced horizontal recoil of all SMGs.​

  • Reduce recoil, shake when moving while aiming through the head of the fly or the viewfinder.​

  • Increase the aiming speed.​


  • Rebalanced AR assault rifles, eliminating the “best” weapon selection.. typical of the M416 as it is today. Each weapon will now exert its power in certain situations.​

  • Slightly reduced damage of M16A4, SCAR-L, AUG and M416.​

  • Increases reload speed by 30% for SCAR-L, M16A4 and M416.​

  • Increase the reload speed by 10% for AKM.​

  • Increased horizontal and vertical recoil for all AR series guns except AKM.​

  • Reduced recoil cooldown (gun center returns to original position) for all ARs.​

  • All AR guns will have the same recoil.​

  • 8X and 15X viewfinders will not work with AR.​

  • Add jerky motion effect to the whole AR.​


  • Increases damage rate when shooting to the head, body and arms – legs.​

  • SKS damage reduction.​

  • Slightly increased damage of VSS and Mini14.​

  • Increases horizontal and vertical recoil for the entire DMR.​

  • Reduced recoil cooldown for all DMRs.​

  • Added recoil effect to all DMR series guns.​

Other Weapons

  • Slightly increased damage to DP28 and M249.​

  • 8X and 15X large aiming items cannot be used with LMG machine guns.​

  • Reduced the time to reassemble the arrow for the crossbow from 4 to 3.5 seconds

  • All weapons have been adjusted to shake when moving (will be a bit faster on either side). While holding your breath, this effect is more noticeable, but it will be reduced when the weapon has a Cheek Pad added.​

  • The stock of the gun will return to normal faster after moving.​

Types of grenades

  • Increases explosive damage and adds effects and movements when damaged by Frag Grenade.​

  • Previously, Frag Grenade’s damage depended quite a lot on the reflected damage (when the grenade fell), rather than the actual explosion effect. Adjusted the damage to only be applied when hit with explosive effects.​

  • Change the weight of the item.​

  • Frag Grenade increased from 12 to 18.​

  • Motolov reduced from 18 to 16.​

  • Smoke Grenade reduced from 16 to 14.​

  • Stun Grenade reduced from 14 to 12.​

Movement mechanism

  • Slightly reduced the movement speed of characters using SR sights, LMG machine guns (M249, DP28) and Shotguns. The weapon in use will affect both normal movement speed and movement speed.​

  • Removed the delay when firing the first salvo when the character is not in running mode.​

  • Reloading certain weapons (M24, Kar98k, S1897, S686, etc.) will not limit movement speed when aiming.​

  • The splash of the scope when hitting a bullet will depend on the amount of damage received. This means that the more damage taken, the greater the splash.​

Equipment and accessories

  • Hat 3 will only be available in the Airdrop.​

  • Quickdraw Mag and Extended Quickdraw magazines for sniper rifles are also only available in Airdrop.​

  • Extended Quickdraw Mag spawn rate reduced for AR.​

  • DMR (SKS, Mini 14, VSS…) will share AR and SR accessories.​

  • Adrenaline Syringe will now appear at a lower rate.​

  • Decreased Adrenaline Syringe cast time from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.​


PUBG has new SLR guns, new Mirado vehicles and new accessories.


  • This is the type of gun that was revealed to gamers but is now fully present. This is a gun that usually does not belong to the Airdrop, so it will appear randomly throughout the map. This is a DMR gun that uses 7.62mm ammo with standard 10 rounds / tape (increased to 20 with accessories). SLR has greater damage than SKS, but has a higher recoil.​




New accessories

  • Duckbill – Accessories for Shotgun (S1897, S12K). Helps to reduce horizontal dispersion of bullets but increase vertical dispersion.​

  • Light Grip – Reduces cooldown after recoil, but increases horizontal and vertical recoil

  • Thumb Grip – Helps reduce horizontal recoil, but increases vertical recoil, and also increases cooldown after jerking

  • Half Grip – Helps reduce both horizontal/vertical recoil and also reduces the cooldown after jerking

  • Scope 3X – 3X viewfinder, with rarity at the normal level.​

  • Scope 6X – The viewfinder is adjustable in 2 steps 3X and 6X, with rarity in the high end.​

  • The viewfinder can change the reticle type and color of the reticle.​

Boats and diving mechanics

  • The boat will sink after being destroyed.​

  • Decreased maximum diving time from 35 seconds to 15 seconds.​

  • When out of gas, the applied damage will be 10 units/second instead of 4 as before.​

  • Breathing time increased from 1 second to 4 seconds.​

Map selection mechanism

Add “Swap” feature

  • Used to exchange BP and items from the box received (clothes..etc) for higher level items. This mechanism will require exchanging BP and 10 items of the same level (tier).​

  • After exchanging items, will receive 1 item 1 level higher.​

  • The amount of BP required will depend on the item level.​

General map

  • Miramar improvements.​

  • Increase the area of ​​the oasis and add more buildings.​

  • Add scavenger hunts by adding cottages near the city.​

  • Remove some houses in the city because there are many unnecessary adjacent buildings.​

  • Remove models that can prevent gunfights in the city area.​

  • Add hiding places like trees or rocks.​

  • Simplify the interior in the building.​

There are still no details on the official release date of Update 1.0 #12, but Emergenceingame.Com will update readers as soon as possible. Readers can also join the PUBG and PUBG Mobile communities for the latest information here:

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