PUBG released a super update – Sniper will be harder now

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – The game is considered the most popular game of 2017, is rushing to prepare for a very important event in the last months of this year. That is the official release of version 1.0, allowing PUBG become a complete game in the hands of fans. Not only marking an important milestone, version 1.0 also introduces a lot of attractive features that promise to drastically change the gameplay of PUBG. Now, after a long wait, the Update has officially launched Server Test and allows the gaming community to experience new features right now.


The first notable feature of PUBG 1.0 is the mechanism to overcome obstacles, allowing gamers to jump over high walls.. and even climb to positions that normally cannot be reached by the character. This mechanism promises to completely change the tactics of the game because now gamers can open up more new attack directions and surprise behind the enemy. At the same time, it also allows players to quickly reach the desired location without having to be afraid of ledges or obstacles that will stop their feet.


But few people know that version 1.0 also drastically changes the operating mechanism of weapons in the game. The most notable point is that the bullet path and damage will be affected by the resistance of the air. Previously, the projectile was only affected by gravity while the flight speed was unchanged, allowing the bullet to take only a short time to reach the target and the drop of the bullet to be low. However, with the new Update, projectiles affected by air resistance and Earth’s gravity will decrease their flight speed over time. This means that depending on the gun, the farther you shoot, the more damage, time it takes for the bullet to hit the target, and many other factors will be affected.


However, the air resistance is almost only affected from the 300m firing distance. This means that at close and mid range, most of PUBG’s assault rifles still feel like the old version. Only when trying to hit the target farther than 300m do the players begin to notice the difference. This change will make it more difficult for snipers to shoot down distant targets. Calibration of the scope or Zeroing has also been changed. Each weapon type now has a unique range of sights at the base level (Iron Sight). Meanwhile, if a viewfinder is attached, the Holo and Red Dot models only allow calibration at close distances, and the Scope 8X and 15X can now adjust the Zoom level with the scroll of the mouse. At the same time, gamers can also adjust the brightness of the center of the viewfinder depending on the lighting conditions of the map.


Another important point of this Update is that Helmet will also protect the player’s neck while the damage to arms and legs is changed. Specifically, each leg or arm part will no longer automatically reduce 50% of damage when shot, but depending on the location of the bullet hit. The chest will take more damage instead, and the closer the bullet’s position is to the chest, the greater the damage will be. Above all, Update 1.0 will further improve the quality of the connection to the Server while minimizing lag when gamers load maps or operate in multiplayer segments.

Show version PUBG 1.0 was present at Server Test and soon will officially launch at the official Server. All information about PUBG will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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