PUBG new version has an error for gamers to shoot through the ceiling

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has just marked an important event when version 1.0 is officially available in Server Test and allows the gaming community to test new features with their own hands. The most prominent of the additions that Bluehole made in this Update is the mechanism of jumping over obstacles and climbing to high positions. Not only that, the guns and damage on the character are also changed, bringing a whole new experience to gamers.


However, because it is still in the testing process, this Update still has many bugs, especially the player’s ability to jump to higher positions. The most typical bug that has just been discovered by the community is allowing gamers to see through the roof and even shoot from the bottom to the top.


This error occurs when gamers make the move to climb on the cabinet on the 2nd or 3rd floor of large buildings. Because the distance between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling is quite narrow, when gamers climb up, their heads can look straight up to the roof. Even at a certain angle when standing in this position you can shoot straight up. The reason for this is that the gun tip is protruding from the roof, similar to the character’s head.


In Server Test, many people can take advantage of this error to observe above and even destroy the target. Of course, because the error only appeared in Server Test, the problem is not as serious as many people think. Definitely the development team PUBG will fix this error when Update 1.0 is available on the official Server. You can see the error detection situation of Shroud here (mark 5:57):

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