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Stickman is considered one of the most unique characters in the gaming world. The shape of the stickman is nothing special but still creates a lot of laughter for gamers. In this article, will introduce to you the top stickman games on attractive phones, diverse genres for you to download and play.

Along with a stick figure, but you can try with many different game genres. Here are the top 5 most attractive stickman games for phones compiled by that you can refer to.

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Summary of the best stickman games today

Top best stickman game on phone

In Stickman Dragon Fight, players will play the role of powerful super-soldiers engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat. If you pay attention to the graphics in Stickman Dragon Fight, gamers can realize that the characters are all adapted from the Dragon Ball cartoon such as Goku, Vegeta, Majin buu, Piccolo,….

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Players only need to choose a stickman character and then participate in landslide battles with other opponents. To win against the enemy, gamers must masterfully combine dodge attacks, jumps, special skills and even the technique of Ultra Instinct. After a match, players will be rewarded with money to unlock other characters and continue their journey to become the strongest warrior in the universe.

+ Download link Stickman Dragon Fight for iPhone here.
+ Download link Stickman Dragon Fight for Android here.

In Stickman Soccer, the player will become a coach leading the stickman players to win the top match. Stickman Soccer has a fast-paced match, beautiful graphics that have attracted millions of players. The stickman characters in Stickman Soccer have soft and flexible movements no less than real players in real life.

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Stickman Soccer game offers many different game modes such as Quick Games, Training, National Leagues and World Cup. In addition to playing against the machine, players can compete with players around the world through the game Stickman Soccer.

+ Download link Stickman Soccer for iPhone here.
+ Download link Stickman Soccer for Android here.

Stickman game for phones Anger of Stick Has a simple but attractive gameplay. Players take on the role of a stickman hero who must complete various missions to save the world from the forces of evil.

In the levels of Anger of Stick, the stickman character can use many different weapons such as pistols, rifles, flamethrowers, machine guns, knives, swords.

In case if the enemy closes, the player can also use 130 melee attacks to escape the encirclement. In later levels, the player can also control helicopters and robots.

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Anger of Stick has 2 different game modes. In Normal mode, the player must control the stickman to complete the levels with increasing difficulty. If you want to challenge yourself, players can join Survival mode. In which the final task of the player is to survive as long as possible against countless waves of enemy attacks.

+ Download link Anger of Stick for Android here.
+ Download link Anger of Stick for iPhone here.

Stickman Game Stickman Battleground Survival take gamers to a vast deserted island. In this place, players must loot items, search for weapons to defeat the players to become the last survivor.

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Unlike some other stickman games, Stickman Battleground Survival has very realistic and eye-catching graphics. The stickman character in the game is also more like a real person and has eyes and nose.

On the other hand, the map of Stickman Battleground Survival is quite large, allowing players to freely explore. Stickman Battleground Survival will challenge the player’s ability to survive to the maximum.

+ Download link Stickman Battleground Survival here.

No longer have teammates to support, stickman in Stick Prisoner Rescue must face the terrorist alone to rescue the hostages. To complete this mission, the player must traverse a maze of rooms in a secret prison to find the place where the hostages are held. The task is even more difficult when each room is filled with stickman terrorists.

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Stick Prisoner Rescue has many types of weapons for gamers to choose from. However, the number of enemies is very large, so the player must calculate each shot to defeat the most opponents in each room. Therefore, players will need a lot of gray matter and confidence to break the Stick Prisoner Rescue stick game.

+ Download link Stick Prisoner Rescue here.
Above is Top best stickman game on phone full of different genres. Hope you will find a stickman game that suits your taste. Wish you have hours of fun playing the stickman game.

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