How to play Adorable Home for beginners

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Video tutorial to play Adorable Home for newbies

How to play the game Adorable Home – virtual cat game is receiving great attention on social networks.The virtual cat care simulation game is currently the hottest game on the market today with a simple but very cute game play.

Unlike the pet care games My Talking Tom or Talking Angela before, but in Adorable Home you will decorate the house with your partner and take care of cute cats. When playing Adorable Home, do not ignore the tips below to have a lot of hearts.

Adorable Home game tips

Unlock all 12 cute cats

First try to adopt a lot of cats to take care of, if you take care of many cats, you will receive a lot of Love, the Love used to decorate the house. We can get up to 12 cats of different types of cats, take care of them, feed them to receive hearts.

Keep a lot of cats
Keep a lot of cats

Feed your cat green fish

In the game there are quite a lot of cat food, but let the cat eat fish to get the most hearts. You can choose goldfish or variable blue fish. However, choose green fish for 35 hearts for the fastest time to eat.

Prepare quality meals for your partner

The companion in the game not only helps you get someone to talk to and take care of the cat with, but they also bring money home from work. Therefore, prepare beautiful quality meals to receive lots of hearts.

Prepare delicious rice
Prepare delicious rice

Get heart from watching weather

The job seems unrelated but also more or less help you get a number of hearts every day, no matter what the weather is, you will still have hearts. Maximum we can receive up to 100 hearts per view.

Watch the ad to double your bonus

For each mission after performing we will receive a certain number of hearts, but if you watch more ads of that mission you will get double the bonus.

Click the word Love to watch ads on TV

If you run out of money, go back to the main house and continue watching TV commercials to get the heart. If you are in the living room and see the TV showing the word Love, quickly touch to quickly receive 100 hearts.

Watch commercials on TV
Watch commercials on TV

See daily advertising

Each day you will have 10 fixed promotional videos to watch, each ad is worth 50 hearts so you can earn 500 hearts per day.

Decorate garden, living room to attract interesting visit

Every day you will have uninvited visitors, however those are extremely friendly animals because it visits and will give you some hearts. You should decorate the living room, garden to attract them more by placing objects, plants, etc. To especially attract them you see in the article on animals in Adorable Home and how to attract them.

Attract visitors
Attract visitors

Above are some tips for you to quickly get a lot of hearts when playing Adorable Home game. Hope you will have a home with lots of cats and be happy with your partner.

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