4 tips to help you conquer Dota Auto Chess

The good tips for new Dota 2 custom games are constantly being updated alongside the wave of Dota Auto Chess games. As we know Dota Auto Chess has quickly received the love of gamers through the quick and easy installation right on the game Dota 2. For many newcomers will imagine Dota Auto Chess as a mini game. chess, however, it is like a kind of arena game with real-time fighting mechanics quite attractive on an 8×8 map similar to the chess game series.

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Besides the article to guide new players, the list of generals or monster synthesis – equipment and recipe then Download.vn will continue to make it easier for new players to approach Dota Auto Chess through more specific Dota Auto Chess gaming tutorials. Here are some easy but very useful tips for Dota 2 Auto Chess gamers.

Great tips for playing Dota Auto Chess game

1. Use gold for the right purpose

Great tips for playing Dota Auto Chess game

In Dota Auto Chess, players when starting to join only 1 gold and can be used to buy 1 hero. You can see that gold is the only resource for upgrading and buying units, leveling up. To survive at the end in Dota Auto Chess, you need a lot of Gold (or a lot) for the late game.

Some 1-star champions can be bought for 1 gold, but to have a 2-star champion we need 3 1-star generals and so multiplying the gold will be very expensive. Strategic force to fight later if you do not have a dense army you will be able to go to the end of the journey. Therefore, gamers must be extremely careful with the amount of gold and use it really reasonably.

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We can earn gold by maintaining a series of victories when fighting monsters and humans. In addition, if you have a calculating mind you should invest in the bank to receive 10% interest, 10 gold you deposit in the bank, you will receive 1 gold interest back after each round.

2. Always observe your opponent

Always watch your opponent

For players who are familiar with them, they will know how to observe the number of participants per unit to maximize their chances of getting that unit in each round, they often avoid joining strong units like AntiMage, Enchantress. Therefore, a small note for everyone, please watch your opponent hard to know what unit they play with and the number of people who joined that unit to choose the most suitable unit. Simply put, this not only saves you time by having to roll many times and it is easier to upgrade units.

In addition, gamers also need to observe the opponent’s lineup so that they can choose other generals that can make that lineup. In one of my homogeneous squads to combine power combos, a strong match with the opponent also brings a very positive result in each round.

3. Create combos and don’t pick individual units

Create combos and don't pick individual units

The problem of combining generals to create combos has been mentioned a lot for new players when participating in Dota Auto Chess, the close association of a team is higher than a multi-unit lineup without combos. . We will easily survive when combined together to counter the opponent. You can completely build tactics to coordinate creating combos from the class, just for combos from species. In addition, if gamers have 1 in 3 generals owning 2 species such as: Dragon knight, Lycan, Puck can use them in many formations without worrying about power loss.

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4. Use the right equipment

Equipment in the game Dota Auto Chess is obtained when we participate in fighting monsters instead of buying gold like other games. These items can also be put together through the item matching recipes we covered in the article General Monsters, Equipments, and Recipes in Dota Auto Chess. Items often appear small and rarely have a full recipe, so keep them in the courier until complete, give them to the heroes.

Above are some tips for gamers interested in the Dota Auto Chess game. Hope you will quickly get these tips on how to play Dota Auto Chess and share them with us.

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