How to fix some of the most common Ring of Elysium bugs

During the process of playing Ring of Elysium, there are certainly many players who have encountered quite annoying errors such as blue screen, crash at startup or error 193 … Here is how fix some common errors on Ring of Elysium.

Ring of Elysium (ROE) is a very hot survival shooter game today. With gameplay similar to PUBG Mobile or Fortnite, the game has the original version Europa This number can be up to 100 people at a time. Although currently only Thailand and Indonesia have first experience, if you want, you can still download and install Ring of Elysium on your computer based on the previous instructions of

And if you encounter some errors during the game, you can refer to the Ring of Elysium repair guide below.

Ring of Elysium

Fixed a bug with Ring of Elysium game

ROE survival shooter game

1. Ring of Elysium has black screen error and low FPS


Because the player has left the default FPS mode of the game wrong.


  • Close the game and turn off the game’s installation directory (if open).
  • Log in to Steam / steamapps / common / Ring of Elysium.
  • Find the file Europa_Client.exe, right-click it and select Properties.
  • Select to tab Compatibility / Change High DPI Settings.
  • Check the check mark at Override High DPI Scaling Behavior then left-click on System (Enhanced) and convert it to Application.

Done you can restart the computer and open the game again, the error will be resolved.

2. Mouse is inactive while playing Ring of Elysium

This error occurs infrequently, but there have also been reports of players unable to use a mouse while playing Ring of Elysium.

Survival Game Ring of Elysium


  • Close the Steam window.
  • Create a text file in the following folder: “C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common Ring of Elysium Europa_Client.exe” -steam – server = 8001.
  • Save the file as * .bat.
  • Restart Steam then run the file you just created, the mouse should work again normally.
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Some other rare cases are connecting the mouse to the computer with problems or running out of battery (wireless mouse), so you can check this carefully before performing the solution above.

3. Steam API Init failed (Steam API Init Failed)

It sounds serious, but in fact, this is just a very normal error and the way to fix it is quite simple. The cause of the error is because the account on your computer does not have admin rights or the firewall, the antivirus program on your computer has automatically recognized a certain file of Steam as a virus, so it should proceed to block it.


4. Error 193 while playing Ring of Elysium

Fixed a bug with Ring of Elysium game

Error 193 is also known as “error”Unable to locate file eugfesdkwrapper.dll“on the computer. Actually, not only the ROE but the lack of the * .dll file is one of the frequent problems of playing games or running some programs on the computer.”

Error cause:

Due to one or several .dll files missing during the download and installation of Ring of Elysium from Steam.


  • You guys go to Steam and check the integrity of the game installer.
  • Download and install Microsoft .Net Framework and Visual C ++ Redistributable on the computer
  • Alternatively, a manual method is not recommended, but if it is last, you can also find and download the missing eugfesdkwrapper.dll file from the Internet.

5. Ring of Elysium has a blue screen error

There are actually two ways to resolve this error, the simplest and the easiest to do play the game in windowed mode. But this will also significantly affect the gamer’s experience when playing ROE on the computer.

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The second way, will permanent remedy this problem for the player. But the implementation is also a little more complicated, namely:

  • Open Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Under Display, select Change Resolution.
  • Check the box under Use Nvidia Color Setting and select Highest (32-Bit) in Desktop Color.

Common mistakes when playing Ring of Elysium

6. Trouble running Ring of Elysium fix


It could be because your computer’s anti-virus software or Windows Defender protection mistook a part of the game (installation files) for viruses or trojans.


  • Close the game window.
  • Do the same as how to fix the third error (turn off the firewall and temporarily disable the anti-virus software before restarting the game).
  • Try closing third-party or unnecessary programs.

7. Error of black screen when playing Ring of Elysium

This is one of the most common mistakes and many players make, especially when the game is launched, instead of the game interface appearing, it is just an all-black screen with the sound of the game’s background music. .

Fixed ROE game play


  • Try closing the game window, restarting your computer, and try again.
  • Press the key combination ALT + ENTER to switch display mode to minimized window.
  • Access the Game Settings and switch the game’s resolution to the monitor’s native resolution.

If all of the above doesn’t work, try checking and updating the GPU drivers on your machine.

8. Audio error while playing Ring of Elysium

Specifically, the player hears sounds that are interrupting or repeating certain sounds. However, the fixes are quite simple as follows:

  • Access to Playback devices through the Sound icon (the speaker) in the corner of the screen, select Properties.
  • Select the Advanced tab and try to change a little bit here.
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Another way is to check your audio device and its corresponding driver.

9. Increase FPS, fix low FPS error

Before you proceed, make sure you are using the latest drivers for the GPU and don’t have any programs running in the background or taking up too much machine resources.

Basic bugs on Ring of Elysium


  • Access Steam steamapps common Ring of Elysium or can right-click on the game and select Properties.
  • Select Local and check in Local files.
  • When you are in the game’s installation directory, find the file Europa_Client.exe, right-click it, and select Properties / Compatibility.

Another exception for you to increase FPS during this ROE survival game is, if you are using a GTX 10 series GPU, try:

  • Go to Nvidia Control Panel / Manage 3D Settings / Program settings / choose the name of the game (Ring of Elysium).
  • Find the V-sync entry and convert it to “Fast”.

This customization can increase the performance of your GPU and CPU, making the game experience smoother and more impressive.

These are all the common errors found in Ring of Elysium and how to fix them. ROE (original Europa name) is currently one of the most chosen survival games to play today. Hopefully with this help, you will have a better game experience.

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