PUBG Mobile: How to change Battle Points (BP) to Unknown Cash (UC)

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The good news for PUBG Mobile players during this Lunar New Year is that the company has officially allowed it Convert from BP to UC – two currencies in this best shooter today. By using BP or UC (aka virtual money and real money in PUBG Mobile), players can purchase equipment, items or skills for their character.

If you still do not understand the two currencies in PUBG Mobile as well as how to convert virtual money into real money in PUBG Mobile You can skim a few lines about these two currencies below.

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Load UC in PUBG Mobile

What is BP in PUBG Mobile? What is BP used for?

In the survival game PUBG Mobile, BP also called Battle Point. This can be considered as the currency that players can receive periodically in the game by completing quests or participating in matches. The mechanism of calculating and giving BP to gamers of PUBG Mobile is also different (based on the person’s playing history).

Battle Point – BP in PUBG Mobile can be used to purchase items, equip skills or change character names while playing.

On duty to receive BP

How to earn BP in PUBG Mobile

There are many ways we can get BP while playing this “hot” RPG, through the following forms:

Complete the match to receive BP. Each player participating in the same match will receive completely different amounts of BP. This is decided on a number of factors:

  • The amount of damage you do to your opponent (MVP)
  • Survival time in the game. The longer you stay alive, the more BP you get, the final winner will get the most BP.
  • Number of kills. The more you kill, the more BP you get.

Winners of each match in different modes (Solo, Duo, Squad) will also receive different rewards, respectively:

  • Solo mode: 800 BP.
  • Duo mode: 400 BP.
  • Squad mode: 200 BP.

Receive Battle Points from friends in the game

Participate in events of the game. Each different event will bring different amount of BP.

Login everyday can receive BP. Every day the game will reset the registration at 00h00, so if the full registration daily, you can receive quite a lot of Battle Points.

Receive Battle Points from friends. Making friends in PUBG Mobile not only helps us to play the game happier, but the friends on the list are also a source of BP income that is not bad for you, especially those with a long list.

Account connection PUBG Mobile with social accounts. A large amount of BP (about 2000 BP) will be yours if you connect your gaming account to your Facebook or Google accounts.

Earn BP by doing quests. In this shooting action game there is an extremely rich and varied mission system that we can see in Royale Pass. Just complete any task in this category, you will receive the corresponding amount of BP.

Get Battle Point through event summation. In some events or quests, not only does the person complete the same amount of BP, but also receive an additional amount of BP.

What is UC in PUBG Mobile? What are the effects of UC?

UC also known as Unknown Cash, is the second currency in PUBG Mobile. But unlike BP, UC has only one way to earn, which is to top up with real money.

Unknown Cash also works like BP, can help players buy outfits and skills in the game, but compared to purchases with Battle Point, UC can buy things that are rarer, better and more valuable. many times.

BP rewards for completing the quest sequence in PUBG Mobile

How to earn UC in PUBG Mobile

With that said, the only way you can get UC today is to top up cash (real money).

How to change from BP to UC in PUGB Mobile

In a recent change, this action gamer was able to convert BP virtual currency to UC real money at a certain rate. However, to be able to do this, gamers also need to meet certain conditions, which is to become “monthly subscribers”, called Prime or Prime Plus.

Each subscriber needs to pay a subscription fee corresponding to:

  • Prime level: $ 0.99 / month (about 23,000 VND)
  • Prime Plus level: $ 4.99 / month (about 115,000 VND)

In addition to the exchange rates of BP and UC, each level can also receive a small gift from PUBG Mobile. Specifically:

Change BP to UC roundtickgreen - Emergenceingame roundtickgreen - Emergenceingame
Maximum amount of exchange (per day)


(5,000 BP)

Gift login day - Emergenceingame roundtickgreen - Emergenceingame

BP to UC exchange rate in PUBG Mobile:

In addition to being able to convert at the exchange rate:

100 BP = 1 UC

Prime Plus players who pay subscription fees will also receive the following additional perks each time they log in:

  • Receive 300 UC and 20 UC monthly.
  • Receive ID Card (rename card), Room Card (room creation card).
  • Reward box.

This means, if you are a Prime Plus player, if you login every day hard, you will get up to 900 UC / month. However, it is also quite regrettable that this function is currently only updated and applied in Korea, Japan. And servers in other countries (including Vietnam) have yet to receive any official notice. We all hope Tencent will soon make it available to all countries around the world to use this great feature.

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