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Joining the game Audition you will be immersed in the world Fashion, music and burning dances bring a very new experience. This is also the place where you can unleash your personality. Isn’t that great, guys?

Please refer to the list of shortcuts below to save time in the dance process. To have plenty of time Talk, make friends and even find your own half:

Audition dance interface

List of useful keyboard shortcuts in the game Audition

  • F1: Ready / Get Started.
  • F2: Change view in dance board.
  • F3: Enable / Disable effect at hand.
  • F5 – F8: Quick sentence writing (install in Chat).
  • F9: Hide / Show lyrics.
  • F10: Hide / Show Big game quest board.
  • F12: On / Off instruction board dance styles in the game.
  • Ctrl + 1: Chat often.
  • Ctrl + 2: Private chat with dance partner.
  • Ctrl + 3: Chat privately with friends in Fam.
  • Ctrl + S: Turn on the volume control in the game.
  • Ctrl + F: Open the playlist in the game.
  • Ctrl + Q: Exit the waiting room while monitoring.
  • Ctrl + E: Open the basic smileys.
  • Ctrl + M: Open the smiley face panel in the dialogue box.
  • Ctrl + Alt + F: Displays the number of frames per second (frame per second).
  • Alt + F4: Quick exit from the game.
  • Alt + 1 – 9: Quick individual set change (Preset in Fashion supermarket).
  • Shift + ‘: Chat with the nearest private PM.
  • Esc: Quickly exit TV, Fam, Charts …
  • / F : Private chat with members in fam.
  • / to : Chat privately with someone.
  • / bannhay : View dance information (Only available when dancing Online).
  • / truyenthuyet: View individual NVA ratings.
  • / choreo: View individual level ratings.
  • / beatup: View individual Beat Up match ratings.
  • / beatrush: View individual Beat Rush match ratings.
  • / doi: See the ratings of the couple.
  • / bank: See the number of Vcoin, Den in your account.
  • / time: Watch time.
  • / tintuc: View information, personal location in the game.
  • / thongtin: See individual achievements in the dance game.
  • / tonghop: See the achievements of all players in the jump game.
  • / luutru: View personal archived information since the last login.
  • / invoff: Block invitations to the playroom.
  • / invon: Unblock invitations to the game room.
  • / go : Quick access to the playroom.

Keep in mind these shortcuts to make Audition game faster than you!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

Updated: March 26, 2017

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